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Spike VGA’s 2011: The fact Gears of War 3 didn’t get nominated maybe a step in the right direction



Before you call for my head, this is not a “Gears doesn’t deserve to be nominated” article. This is merely looking at how easy it could have been for Gears to be nominated and the fact that it didn’t might actually mean there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Let me explain.

So the Spike VGA awards every year seems to bring some sort of frustration, with people not happy about the outcome of certain award winners. “It’s because of Politics!” “It’s because their funding them!” “It’s because he’s the host!” Are some of the things I hear from the gaming community. I myself have wondered would Spike and Gametrailers do such a thing like let a PS3 exclusive win 3 years in a row if it deserved it or not nominate a Wii game if the platform didn’t deliver in a certain year. I didn’t want an award show where the Wii has to have representation (or any platform for that matter) just because you want to show equality across the board, which in turn sacrifices the intent of an award show — “Best of the Best” right? I also didn’t want an award show that allowed a multi-platform game or a another exclusive platform to win just because they don’t want to seem biased — heck if the PS3 (or any platform for that matter) had games 3 back to back to back years deserving GOTY then so be it.

What does all of this have to do with GoW3 you ask? This is how, I was viewing the nominees saying to myself  “NO Gears?” And right when I felt surprised and even taken back by the move, it soon was replaced with a smile. I was thinking  “Maybe GT and Spike finally get it” because trust me they could have come up with every excuse on the planet to nominate it. “Oh it’s Xbox 360’s flagship title!”,  “Oh we need a Xbox exclusive to represent in this category!”,  “It’s waaay to popular to deny it entry! — Plus we’ll get better ratings!”, Or “What will the gaming world think once they notice it’s not nominated?” Is everything that could have been said in those board meetings.

So I’m actually proud of this move — if it was done with pure motives of course. Meaning they said hey, “We’re going to let the “best of the best” represent this category, regardless of platform (looking at you PC), genre, popularity and any other outside factors that could taint this show”. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but a man can wish can’t he?

Here’s another fact you can hang your hat on — to give you a glimmer of hope, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the biggest selling, most popular franchise wasn’t nominated either!

So what do you guys think, are the VGA’s taking  a step in the right direction? CCU wants to hear from you.


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  1. I don’t know man, if we apply that same logic, then Uncharted 3 should have not been nominated as well.

    I do agree with you that it would’ve been much easier for Spike to have nominated Gears 3, OR, to ignore console exclusives and focus on multiplatform games.

    But you can’t deny there’s lots of angry people out there with Spike for leaving the 360’s biggest exclusive out of the dance after achieving the same universal praise Uncharted 3 got.

    However, I really don’t mind which game wins because the VGAs lost all credibility last year when they flat-out REFUSED to give the GOTY award to Mass Effect 2 (call me paranoid but the fact that ME2 was a 360-exclusive at the time to was a factor for RDR’s “victory”).

    Good read!

    • Why would uncharted 3 not get nominated? U3 isn’t nominated because its the flagship ps3 exclusive, it’s nominated because its a damn great game.

  2. I totally get what you’re saying here, but Gears 3 was an awesome game that deserved to be nominated. Alot of effort went into that game. Excellent multiplayer and campaign, tight controls, great graphics and sound. I think the wrong game got shafted in this particular situation.

  3. Uncharted 3 is great but doesn’t have the tight controls, and doesn’t have amount of content that gears 3 has (full campaign coop is a big one for me). Overall package is not as good in my opinion. Just to clarify why I woundln’t “apply the same logic” to Uncharted 3.

  4. Hey i agree in most points with you.

    But, first of all I’m from the PS-3 camp^^. But I also have to say, Gears of War 3 is Hell of a Game and the Best in the series in my opinion. So as i read it’s not nominated I don’t see the real point. Ok, Publicity is not the worst argument, but like Punisher said, they took so much heart, energy, money etc. into the development of this title, that it deserves the Nomination more than any other title. (Remember the Dome Scene, only this justifies the Nomination)

    And I agree with the others, when they don’t want to introduce title like Gears in their list, other Exclusive titles shouldn’t been recognized too.

    If you want to send out a clear statemant, maybe that you won’t consider Exklusive games, you have to show it in the right way.

  5. Sorry Gears 3 was a fantastic game and it’s scores/sales prove that not to mention Skyrim was nominated before ANY review or copy was sold and if your going to have the fans vote why not have the fans nominate also? it just shows Spike has no business doing award shows.

  6. off with his head! lol
    I don’t think people’s dissatisfaction with the results mean the winners are picked ulterior motives. In a voting system there will be unhappy voters.

  7. i think no gow3 was a good idea because simply put i hate that game! i dont care what you think of me that’s how i feel, end of story!

  8. Agree completely. The first Gears of War deserves all the accolades it got, and if we were to judge a game on its shooting mechanics alone, then yes, Gears of War 3 deserves to win since it’s pretty much perfect.

    However if we are looking at the entire game, Gears has fallen so far behind it’s ridiculous. The horrible acting, terrible script, some of the worst transitions between levels ever, crappy animation that looks like it’s cut and pasted from other scenes, invisible ‘triggers’ that start cutscenes that look like ass. Gears hasn’t moved on since the very first game, and sadly, it shows.

    Sorry Gears fans, I am NOT a Sony fanboy – I like all the consoles and play all the great games. (Resistance 3 kinda sucks, and Forza 4 is better than GT5, ok?) I’m just telling it how I see it.

  9. Gears 3 deserved a mention on the list, I always suspected Batman or Skyrim will actually win this year, but Gears 3 scored as well and sold as well as any on that list.

  10. I agree that Gears 3 should have been nominated. It screams quality. It is not my cup of tea, but I finished it and I have even put a few hours in the MP and I a lot of great decisions were made in that game.
    Uncharted 3 definitely needs to be nominated. CoD games have lost all GOTY because it is exactly the same as last year. Batman Should be nominated and my personal pick for the win. Portal 2 is an amazing adventure game that deserves to be nominated.

    Deadspace 2 deserves to be picked as best game in a horror genre and LBP2 needs to win PS3 exclusive of the year.

    There is literally no PC game of the year that I can think of.

    Xbox 360 exclusive should be given to Forza 4. Pure excellence of execution.

    Wii game of the year should be given to Zelda Skyward Sword easy.

    Best multiplayer game should not exist cause that is a childrens category.

    The categories they should list is, Best visual Tech, Best game of the year, Best exclusive game for each console, Best art design, best story, best lead acting, best supporting acting (separating between genders is ridiculous because there is ten times more male leads) Best soundtrack, best sound tech, best director, best videogame based on an existing property, best original video game.

    And also it should be held in January, or February to let every game get released for the previous year. As it is now, games win without ever being played.

  11. So… there are people actually that actually care about winners @ awards shows??? LOL. Like it matters. A great game is a great game, period. Who needs an award show, not me.

  12. But Uncharted is the “flagship PS3 title” and Zelda is “the flagship Wii title”.
    Not too discredit either game, hell Zelda is AMAZING, but Gears of War has BOATLOADS of content, and they even went out of their way to re-create all of their character models, including their faces.
    Baird, for example, looks COMPLETELY different.
    It’s up there on my list, for this year, for sure.

    One of my problems is why Uncharted is on the list when it is quite literally a movie – a DAMNED GOOD movie – that brings no more changes to the table then, say, one Assassin’s Creed to the next.

    Why is there no love for games that try something different, like L.A. Noire or Bastion?

    Just my two cents.

  13. Why is Uncharted 3 nominated then? The story is so-so, the gunplay mechanics aren’t as good as Uncharted 2, and the multiplayer component is a lag-fest with worse than average controls. Gears is the better game of the two, and if Gears is not nominated, Uncharted certainly does not deserve a nomination. Popular games are popular for a reason. People enjoy playing them. Don’t hate because of a games success. It makes you look like a tool.

    • I’d argue popularity does NOT make a game good. It simply makes it a status symbol or a fad. Some of the best games have never had great success (Prince of Persia trilogy anyone?). It’s highly inaccurate to assume popular means good as we’ve had many things over humanity’s existence be “popular” but still be absolute crap.

      What we should be looking at isn’t popularity or status, it’s the quality of the game’s overall values. Are the graphics crisp for the generation? Is the audio clear, crisp, and perfect for each scenario? Is the story told in a manner that has you hooked from start to finish, and is it well written? Is there re-playability? Lastly, but certainly not least, is there anything unique and/or lasting about the game?

      With that in mind, I don’t believe any of the common games should be there. Gears 3, MW3, Uncharted3, they haven’t innovated or created anything that makes their games better or more interesting. They are, in all senses, the same games they were when they started. With a few minor tweaks. Just my 2 cents.

    • If ur referencing the article…I dont kno y uncharted got nominated and as far as popularity u missing the point..I said ‘this is not a Gears doesn’t deserve to be nominated article’.

      But keep in mind though popularity is not always indicative of quality, popularity should never dictate a win in that particular category. However if the popularity and the quality matches so be it.

  14. I think you should go back and retake high school English.
    “could of”? Really? And that is just one of the many, many issues plaguing your article.

    • u didn’t necessarily have to insult me u “could of” (couldn’t resist) gave me constructive criticism lmbooooo but thanks anyway it’s fixed.

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