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Soooo…Red Dead Redemption won “Game of the Year” huh?: Do we agree?

Do you think politics had something to do with it?

I personally thought going into VGA’s that politics would not allow another PS3 exclusive to go home with the trophy. However, I couldn’t help but notice while watching the VGA’S the other night  (or was it me) that GOW3 was on heavy display, leading me to believe that GOW3  will eventually be crowned  “Game of the Year”.

Why think that you ask?  I know it probably doesen’t make sense to say a game will be crowned simply from a heavy showing, but outside the “heavy display” observation,  I heard little rumblings, basically the “streets” was talking and saying that GOW3 was the lead vote getter (shout out to hiphopgamer).

Between all the skits and all the nomination heavy showings, even the Mortal Kombat trailer was just a heavy dose of Kratos. Plus every time they showed the game IT JUST LOOKED LIKE GAME OF THE YEAR!!! From a quality and action packed standpoint, especially watching  other games after it as well as before it. Not to mention the crowd was going crazy every time GOW3 was shown.

When Red Dead Redemption was  finally announced Game of the Year and Rockstar San Diego took the stage the crowd looked stunned and confused like they weren’t ready to hear that piece of news, probably also due to the fact that the presentation was horrible, it felt rushed like they were running out of time and couldn’t give the most coveted award  of the night its proper due.

Don’t get me wrong Red Dead is a heck of a game!!! Love it!!! Still play it!!! But I was just curious, did God of  War 3 even have a chance? (From a political standpoint). I mean it was almost as if they told Sony Santa Monica you’re probably going to win so get ready, only for Red Dead to sneak up and win it at the end, so they apologized to Sony and gave Kratos more air time (lol).

But  seriously what did you think? Should Red Dead have won it?  Did you react similarly to how the crowd reacted? Leave comments.

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  1. Woooo first comment!

    Anyway, BOOOOOO! that’s how I feel. Why not give the best game of the year it’s rightful title??? ugggh. Granted I haven’t played RDR but come on, all i heard about was GOW! and I played it and was blown away, give it the proper respect.

  2. I think that game got GOTY because it had all of the elements important in gaming. Good story, good on-line, extra content, etc. I’m not sure GOW can match that.

  3. GOW has all of these elements except the online gameplay and that’s probably why RDR won over it. I still don’t think that should have put it over but hey what can you do. Not every game can be played online or even makes sense that way. So many new games coming out copied off of GOW, when a game can literally spawn a new form of game play I think that’s GOTY worthy!!

  4. On-line is a big part of gaming today. So i defintely feel thats the reason why it lost out on GOTY.

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