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So That’s It? My Gaming Year Filled With Remasters And Sports Games?

We’re approaching the fourth quarter in gaming and I realized I don’t have any Triple A titles to look FORWARD to in what’s become the “push BACK” year.

The Batman’s (Arkham Knight),The Division’s, The Order’s (1886) The Metal Gear Solid’s (V: Phantom Pain) to name a few were all games I was really looking forward to; all pushed back to 2015. I was especially anticipating  The Order and The Division, The Order because I don’t have a game of that nature in my library, which seems like it’s truly shaping out to be a AAA werewolf  classic — (when’s the last time we got a real good werewolf game? ) The Wolf Among Us? Not to say it’s not good ( I can’t vouch; haven’t played) but the art direction and the non-traditional gameplay is not the type of game that I describe — a level that Ready at Dawn is bringing with 1886.

Heck! developers in general rarely touch the genre. By the way did I mention I have a affinity for werewolves! Safe to say that was a game I was extremely interested in and it could only help the anticipation even more, utilizing what I call  the “An American Werewolf in London” Fog,  for the mood and ambience. Oh the Fog!

As far as The Division I fell in love with the plot. An outbreak facilitated by human hands exchanging of money bills; germs if you will, on a day mind you that money exchange is extremely heightened brought on by  the dynamic sales that occur the day after the Thanksgiving holiday tradition — Black Friday. The chosen day Ubisoft picked to have this tragedy occur,  it sounds like a genius storyline to me. Scary considering it’s something that happens and must happen everyday of our real lives.

And I can’t forget the realistic graphics both titles boast that really help bring everything “home”. The Division police cars look Ultra real, the “dirty snow” looks perfect, something a New Yorker such as myself could really appreciate. The Order as I mentioned boasts that realistic eerie fog I love, also the character models graphical fidelity is top notch especially in the cloth material and  cloth physics,  but too bad I won’t be experiencing any of this until next year.

This particular gaming year may truly be defined by it’s abnormal amount of blockbuster delays; not to mention remasters as we’ve already seen with Tomb Raider, The Last of Us and will continue with Grand Theft Auto V. And although I’m cool with all 3 of those decisions, whether on purpose or on accident it’s attempting to hide the fact that there will be little games to look forward to from now to the end of the year’.

Some may say what about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Destiny?  Well…that’s why I mention (key word) my gaming year, these games don’t interest me and I don’t do first person shooters.

So what does that leave me with? I’ll tell you, my upcoming purchases for the rest of this year will be Madden NFL 15, WWE 2K15,  NBA 2K15 and  GTA V remastered. So there you have it, my library will be made up of  three sports games that come out every year and a game I’ve already experienced on the PS3.

On a side note this year’s “Game of The Year” awards should be very interesting as I don’t think this year has produced a classic — a top tier title.

Feel the same? CCU wants to hear from you.


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