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So Nolan North is in The Last of Us after all

I just want to say I’m having a  heck of a time with The Last of Us so far, if you haven’t picked up or downloaded your copy yet do yourself a favor and do so ASAP. So yes, while the game is why I wrote this it’s not what I’m here to talk about.

A wee wee back when The Last of Us was just a ant and the first Spike VGA trailer (2011) was revealed; showing ‘Us’ the “man” behind the beautiful curtain — which turned out to be Naughty Dog I developed some suspicion.

You see it was around that time the characters of Joel and Ellie were first introduced and as Joel kept talking I said to myself  Drake is that you? Then wrote about it. He not only sounded like Drake he sort of looked like an older Drake too. If you don’t know the “Drake” I’m referring to, no it’s not the Canadian rapper it’s Nathan Drake from the famed Uncharted franchise and more importantly, the man behind the character is Nolan North.

So of course it was later revealed that the man behind Joel was  Troy Baker (Two Face – Batman Arkham) not Nolan — who I hear the two by the way are battling for “How many video games can I be in?” supremacy.

Fast forward almost two years later and Lo and behold Mr. Nathan Drake aka Nolan North himself revealed some interesting information regarding my suspicion.

Via Twitter Nolan had this to say:

Two which @chinklemeister replied:

To which Nolan replied back:


If you’re curious as to which role Nolan exactly played, after doing some digging he is the voice behind David. So no, he wasn’t Joel but I wasn’t too far off, he’s in the game after all people.

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