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Should Series: Should DLC Even Be A Part Of Next-gen Gaming?

I have a new concept called the “Should series” this is a series in which I tackle various game trends, among other things from last gen and ask if it should be a part of next gen ehm ehm…now this gen of gaming, first up DLC.

Those not familiar with the term DLC it is an acronym for Downloadable Content and is often use by video game developers as add-ons in games that include things such as character skins, side missions, maps and/or side stories which are incorporated after (most of the time) the launch date of said game.

Now to my point:

Here’s what I propose for next gen: DLC has a new name —  it’s called “THE GAME” :).

Yes, “The Game”, gamers, why can’t DLC next gen just simply be the game?  All the backlash this gen about space (memory), hidden content —  already on disc, overcharging — forget that, charging at all for DLC that could’ve easily been included upon original release and overall dirty marketing schemes, one could be more hopeful for next gen. Based on tech and specs, space should not be one of the issues next gen as well as the rumored developing cycles being shaved down based on a low learning curve to get these systems to optimal performance, so why not just make the game the way it was originally intended and be done with it.

DLC should be done away with, anyone who disagrees may not fully understand what DLC is, its original intent and what it has become.  I want to live in a world where developers don’t cut content  on purpose because of tradition and trends.  I’m not saying I don’t want extra content DLC, again I’m saying DLC has a new name…it’s call the game, include everything in the game that would’ve been there the first go round.

I want to tell a story in which tradition goes wrong:

A husband comes home one day and sees his wife preparing dinner he notices she cutting the ends of the meat and tossing it  into the trash can. So he asks her “Why are you cutting (what seemingly were good pieces) off the ends of the meat and throwing it away?” She responds, “That’s how my mother did it”. So he goes to her mother — his mother-in-law and asks her “Why do you cut the ends of  your meat off and throw it out?” She replies “That’s how my mother did it”. So he goes to her mother — his wife’s grandmother and asks “Why do you cut off the ends of the meat and throw it out?” Your daughter and granddaughter say they got it from you”. She laughed and said “Are they still doing that?”, “I only did that because I didn’t have room in the pot!”

MESSAGE! That story folks is our game industry.

What may have started off as innocent has now become big business and I’m concerned developers won’t remember the origins of DLC and why it was invented, so even when they don’t need it they will use it.

Don’t get me wrong “true” DLC is still welcomed if it’s organic, not this nickel and dime nasty trend that started during the  PS3/Xbox 360 era, a DLC that is well thought out and a true add-on experience.

Go figure.

 Should DLC Even Be A Part Of Next-gen Gaming? CCU wants to hear from you.

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