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Should Series: Should Black and White Dying Screens DIE This Gen?


Continuing with the ‘Should Series‘, a series where I ask —  from wide ranging topics such as a trend or approach Should it still exist moving forward in this current gen of gaming.

I felt this time I would attack the subject of how some Developers currently  handle the main character (that you control) injuries or death. Read On.

Before you get the wrong idea though I want you to know some of my best games are black…and white.

Yes, a  good amount of the games I’ve played —   and enjoyed over the last generation features the “black and white screen when dying effect”, you know, you get shot more than you should because you didn’t take cover like you should and the beautifully colored screen starts to bleed out and  transition slowly more and more until it becomes  a full  black and white screen.

All joking aside how do you feel about your video games turning black and white when your injured/dying? Me personally I felt  it was a interesting approach at first but now I think the technique is stale and  it’s time to find a “next-gen” way to signify a player is hurt or dying.

Games last gen  like Gears of War, Uncharted, Tomb Raider and a good amount  of FPS’s (First Person Shooters)  utilized this style and  I get it, it’s a cool way to let a player know he’s dying without having to use a HUD (Heads Up Display).

It was darn near genius for the time  but for me it actually takes me out of immersion; maybe feeling a bit cheated as well, it takes away the action, as I don’t get to see all the “happenings” of the game live and in color. I want to see explosions, bullets flying, dirt being kicked up, blood splattering and anything else a game has to offer without being distracted by the dreaded black and white screen.

I can’t  even focus the same when it occurs, especially at that critical moment when you’re one or two shots away from expiring. I can’t see the same, can’t appreciate the graphics the same, and overall I think there’s probably better ways to still rid the HUD and get the same results, that is  letting the player know they are dying.

When one developer did it with success I believe a flood of copy cats followed suit and yeah which at the time I could see why; developers for years have been trying to figure out a successful way to get rid of the HUD.

For the record I love that developers are trying to drum up creative ways to  immerse us as much as possible; that’s  pushing gaming forward. However gaming needs another push forward, one that can rid the HUD but also rid the black and white dying screens as well.

The days of utilizing the Black and White screen when dying should die this gen.

What do you think? Should Black and White death screens die this gen? CCU wants to hear from you.



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