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SchollA’s thoughts: The Uncharted 3 Beta

 Sooo…Where do I even start. Well I”ll say this I was tempted just to play for a little while then “throw up” an impressions piece but I decided to play the whole 2 week+ long beta first.
Day 1:
I was a little leery by what I saw, all the while keeping calm and recognizing it was just a beta, but jeez first impressions right? The beta was laggy and it kept kicking me or my friends out(even though for me it wasn’t half as bad as some were experiencing/reporting) also the graphical fidelity almost looked worst than Uncharted 2 multiplayer, needless to say it wasn’t a good day 1.
Day everyday after:
AMAZING!!! The good boys over at Naughty Dog acted rather quickly and did such and amazing job it  was like day 1 never existed graphics look better, no lag accept for the usual connection issues with other players, and I was able to stay connected with friends. On top of that I was able to fully immerse myself in the action…and that’s always a good thing right? 

So the question is how do I attack this impressions piece?…. I know, I’ll bring up some of my experiences and give some bullet points on them. Let’s get started.

New Guns:

I love the new guns! First of all they all  sound and feel good…real good, better than it’s predecessor, and that G MAL is a problem! (in a good way) I think my favorite gun though at least for close combat will be the double barrel sawed-off shotgun(don’t let me see you). There’s also this automatic handgun that is sweet! But the recoil also known as the kickback is bad, but that’s a good thing especially when imitating real life. The scary thing is all of the guns probably haven’t been introduced! Beautiful site to behold.

Attachments aka Did I see a beam?:

Speaking of sites aww man the attachments!  I already see this is going to be another fun feature. Look I’ve been personally using the call out attachment which is  the infra-red beam, which was one of my top requests for the Uncharted series multi and single. I always questioned why when I’m playing single-player I get these red beams aimed at me then when I pick up this same gun I don’t have the red beam feature( it was totally trashed in the multiplayer )it didn’t make sense! Now you can use it for your multiplayer pleasure, crossing my fingers it’s included in the single-player.

Anyway back to the call-out perk basically you aim the beam on someone and it makes their location known to your teammates hence the word “call-out”  beautiful! They also got other attachments like the bigger clip and others that are sure to be fun to mix and match with. Which brings me to load-outs. You can now start with the gun you want to start with and there’s five load-outs so you can mix and match guns and attachments based on the particular match your playing, sweet!

Grenades: I am so loving the new grenades, the smoke it produces after one goes off  “is it”! The gameplay it creates just by adding that alone is going to be phenomenal, why? Because when the grenade goes off and the smoke discharges your vision is impaired slightly which not only adds strategy but a ton of fun! Picture someone dropping a grenade, you not knowing exactly where it came from, you now can barely see, but what you do see is what appears to be a body and you start shooting in the general direction hoping your bullets connect!…c’mon it gets no better.

More Gameplay:

Zip lines, sprint buttons, and power play oh my!  First the zip lines, it is a  beautiful addition and is fun to use, I already envision me and my team using a ton of strategy with it. The sprint button is also a welcome addition, although I’ll admit in the beginning I wasn’t sure if  I would be using it as much or if I would even like it– at least the way they implemented it (it kind of reminds me of the roadie run in Gears). Now I recognize it as a life saver, when your trying to dodge a hail of bullets hitting that sprint button is a game changer-although I wish it had more of a natural feel to it.

Some of the other new additions are medals, kickbacks and spawning. As far as medals they have a ton of new medals almost for every situation even high-fiving your teammate to celebrate the destruction of the opposing team.

Kickbacks are very interesting and creates all sorts of new strategy. Some of the ones presented in the beta were a kickback where you spawn a RPG, another where you throw a cluster of grenades, basically you throw 3 grenades and those 3 grenades explode and become 3 grenades and then those 3 grenades explode and become 3 grenades and explode crazy! If your not careful your killing everybody the enemy, your friends, you, everybody goes! lol. Another one is where you disappear into a poof of smoke! Can anybody say Batman! And still another where you turn into a swarm of spiders in this like remote control car type angle and eat whatever is in your way (think the  Mk II in Metal Gear Solid 4).

As far as spawning you can now spawn on your teammates they also have a buddy system in place  where you can choose who you spawn on. Also some other things worth mentioning in my time with the beta is the ability to place the riot gear on your back and pull it out at will although I wish when the riot gear was on your back that it would serve as some type of bulletproof protection, oh what a thrill that would’ve been!


There’s nothing more thrilling than running through a map and seeing a shadow – not a person but a shadow! falling to it’s death from on high. One of my personal favorite moments in my entire beta experience is when I chased a guy up  a ladder, which typically I would have to wait till he and I got to the top to duel it out…not this time the enemy stops at the top of the ladder and when I reach him I throw him off the ladder backwards up over my head! Unbelievable I almost lost it!

Game Modes:

My favorite modes return like Deathmatch and Plunder but they added some new modes as well. I love 3 team deathmatch which is a 2 vs 2 vs 2 set up. They also have deathmatch- free for all, the ‘all modes in one’ option in which you go through various styles of gameplay that  switches on the fly-which creates “movie like” gameplay, hardcore which I will probably be spending a lot of time in when the retail version comes out, and of course they had to bring back an all new version of story co-op. Now in this mode I had a moment, I was climbing up a wall, a wall  that reminded me a whole heck of a lot of  Mount Olympus (God of War) if there was ever a time to endorse 3D this would be it, I mean the angle your in – your looking up this pillar or building and you have the enemy perched on the top shooting down at you while your on the bottom climbing up shooting back up at them. As you shoot them they fall off toward you down the side of the building it felt like if you weren’t careful enough their bodies can hit you thus taking you with them…so it prompted me to  say to myself – self….. maaaaan if this was in 3D this would “be it” hint hint Naughty Dog.

Some other tidbits:

-They have to fix plunder I’m sure it was just a beta issue, especially because it exists in Uncharted 2 but the weight or lack there of  really annoyed me it felt like I was tossing air. It also so makes no sound, where’ s the cling?

– The airplane map, I don’t like that they reward you for being on the plane when it takes off but you still end up in a truck to start the second map. Let us get off the plane or better yet parachute into the next map.

-I looove the hand on the wall (bracing himself) animation

– Was that pieces of grass in Drake’s hair? If it was I’m stoked!

– The invite system was atrocious you never saw if somebody invited you unless you manually checked. They finally fixed it toward the end where the invites would show at the top of the screen but I like the Uncharted 2 system better- use the XMB.

– I like the comeback perks it keeps players engaged all the way till the end.

– If the Facebook friends feature works like it say it does this is definitely a welcome feature.

– Did you see the motorbikes in Yemen?…hmmmmm I wonder, will we be using those for the single player?

-Did you peep the 2nd player sign in feature? Hinting that if someone comes over to your house you both can jump on the multi…niiccee!!

-Load times are much faster!, way faster!, almost to fast! if you don’t back out immediately your probably find yourself  in another game lol.

That’s all for now (exhales) feels almost like I did a review and not an impressions piece. Tell me what you thought of the beta. SchollA….Out- ControllUs

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  1. Goddamn f*cking learn some grammar before you right an article or it makes you look ignorant…

    • thanks for the feedback. I made some corrections let me know what you think be honest I don’t how i let some of things I saw slip. Thanks again.

    • and its write an article not right lol…even tho i needed to right it lol.

    • didnt wanna let you sound ignorant

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