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SchollA’s Madden NFL 12 demo impressions

Sooo…I’ve been anticipating this demo for sometime now. I was anxious to see what they added to the game for the first time right in my face on my T.V. (As I tried it already at different events — not the same).

I finally played the demo (PS3 version) and what I came across is  a very stripped down version of the full retail game. No announcers — which  I was looking forward to, one, because it helps with the overall atmosphere but also I wanted to see if they added new dialogue and see just the overall way the commentary was produced, did they let Gus Johnson loose this time? I felt  he was a little held back last year. Even the referees don’t announce penalties.

So after you get pass that the game is stripped down, 3 things stuck out to me. One, I love the new interface even though it might be flawed as the season goes on because they show certain team players and as players get traded and cut it will still show that player –not good, who wants to see Chad Ochocinco still in a Bengals uniform? Two the graphics are amazing! I mean it really, really, really looks good. I mean from the 3D grass, to the grass itself being kicked up, to the field degradation– I actually saw a pothole! Character models, even the huddle, all- look -good! I would suggest for all of you who haven’t adopted the gameflow style of playing that you do. For one it’s a way more realistic style of playing,  two, you basically have allowed yourself to play the game with virtually no hud,which trust me! adds to the games immersion and you fully appreciate the graphics for what they are–the players are even smiling now! Third, the smoothness, now this is saying a lot because I felt Madden 11 was smooth, but Madden 12 feels smoother and much more natural, which is essential in a football game.I don’t know if this is catered to the fact that they experimented with the speed of the game and found a sweet spot, because the overall games feels faster but more importantly more natural.

Now the presentation is on point. Now because they don’t show this particular part of the game every time on television, it’s hard to challenge the validity of these entrances but nonetheless a nice touch. But again without the full package it’s hard to get fully get immersed and give and accurate opinion on it’s overall package. One thing  I will say about what I don’t like about the presentation is the halftime show it seems a bit bland, it seems almost worst than Madden 11’s halftime show, don’t get me wrong I saw where EA was going with it, it’s kind of like the T.V. presentation when it’ about to go to commercial and they show you highlights or the second half is about to  resume and they show you highlights but something just didn’t feel right maybe it was the lack of a presence of a commentator talking over it. I wonder if this will be included in the retail version.

Gameplay has also stepped up I know everybody was looking forward to the double hit tackles and the non-suctioning of players, and I’m proud to say EA wasn’t lying when they said these problems no longer exist and that’s going to be huuuge going forward!!!

So gamers of the world let me know, if you played the demo, what did you think? And if you didn’t play the demo and you like Madden, why didn’t you play it? Are you getting the game when it comes out? Leave your comments.

*Side note you can win a Chevy Cruze by playing the demo and audibling a play and then scoring a touchdown with that audible play.

Madden NFL 12 will be out August 30, 2011 for the PS2,PS3,Xbox 360, Wii ,Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Portable.

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