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Rumor: New Rainbow Six to introduce morality system

by Andrew Yoon

Kotaku has supposedly seen Ubisoft’s next Rainbow Six game, offering two screenshots and a description to boot. Apparently, the new Rainbow Six will be “far more story-driven” than previous games in the series, and will focus heavily on a morality system.

In the new game, a domestic terrorist group targets New York City, and it’s up to players to make “in-the-moment decisions.” In the demoed sequence, a hostage is taken captive with explosives strapped to his chest. The HUD will highlight body parts on enemies, showing how you can avoid (or execute) lethal shots. In addition, the HUD will point out possible casualties, should the bomb go off (like a nearby bus, filled with nearly a hundred people). You can choose to kill the innocent hostage, or risk the lives of everyone else.

Players will assume momentary control of other characters to maximize the dramatic impact of your decisions. You will be able to “play” as the hostage before the mission: you will be forced to hold the trigger button to prevent the explosive vest from detonating. If in your mission, you kill the hostage, you’ll see the events play back from his perspective as an emotional punishment, of sorts.

Each level will have multiple endings, and the flow of the game is supposed to “drastically change” based on your decisions. As a result, should the game continue progressing in this way, it will be impossible to see everything the game has to offer without multiple playthroughs.

Oddly, as exciting as the premise sounds, Ubisoft has, apparently, not fully committed to the idea of focusing on this new morality gimmick. Obviously, it’s a very different direction for the franchise–one that will take expert execution to properly pull off.

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