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‘Rumor: Google Chrome coming to the PS3’


Google Chrome has long been known as one of the best Internet browsers on computers, most of the time even rising above the much-loved Mozilla Firefox. And in a new rumor, it may just be so that we will get the popular net browser on the PS3, as a possible replacement for the console’s current one.

According to reports, Sony has recently updated their PS3 webkit source code (seen here: link) and it now contains a hint of the Chrome browser being available on the platform.

“I’m going through ps3-webkit-support.diff because I’m bored,” stated a user over at who went through the updated webkit code. “Looks like we’re getting Chrome Actually, since Geoff’s added a couple of files for ChromeClientPOSIX.”

In response to this, Google has stated, “I’m afraid we have nothing to announce at this time.” This could mean one of two things, that they simply don’t have anything to announce or that they do but just in a little bit.

*Side note from SchollA: If this rumor is true I’m personally excited, Google Chrome is my favorite OS and my personal browser at the moment so bringing this to the PS3 will be a welcome addition. What do you guys think? Is the rumor true? Do you even care? Do you even use the PS3 browser? Leave your comments.

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  1. I like Google Chrome. I think this would be a big move for the PS3… But watch Sony, I think Google is just trying to test the water to see if they can make their own Game system. And I think they’ll be successful with it.

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