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PSN firmware update 3.60

PSN firmware update 3.60 is now live. Apparently PlayStation Plus Subscribers benefit the most from this update as they get 150 MB of cloud storage space(think virtual hardrive). In addition there is a security update and you can now set the amount of time before a controller turns off after you have stopped using it. Go to [Settings]>[Power Save Settings]>[Controller Auto-Off] to set this option.

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  1. Set the time on your control….. They should of had that from the beginning

  2. I dont have Playstation Plus but i would love cloud storage. Also, setting the time for your controller to turn off is no big deal, to me anyway.

  3. yeah about dat…. im nt even sure wht theyre talking about because i been doing that i hav all my controllers set to go off in 10 mins now! so i gotta do my homework on that

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