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PS4 System Update 1.60: Official Headset Support!

So the latest Update for PlayStation is out now and has a particular focus on sound/audio as well as reveals a new headset for the PS4. Here are the highlights of  the update.

  • Wireless stereo headsets (CECHYA-0080 / CECHYA-0083 / CECHYA-0086) and a stereo headset (CECHYA-0088) are now supported.
  • You can now mute the microphone for PlayStation Camera.
  • Brings support for the PULSE and PULSE Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets to PS4.
  • Enhanced gaming experience with 7.1 virtual surround sound and clear voice chat with the official PlayStation headsets.
  •  introduces the newest member of the Sony headset lineup the Gold Wireless Headset, which launches early this month.
  • The new headset offers 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes, a hidden noise cancelling microphone for voice chat, customizable faceplates, and other features for $99.99
  •  Free Headset Companion App, which hits PlayStation Store in February.
  •  App allows you to download developer-created audio modes that are specifically tuned to enhance a game’s audio.

For additional information on PS4 system update v.1.60 Click Here. Also here is a video showcasing some of the features.


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