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PS4: Is it me or do these games not look next-gen?

Before I officially start this article I would like to say I thought it was funny and actually liked the way Sony started the conference;  talking about the PS Vita as if they weren’t going to announce the PS4, good one Sony! Now to my point…

I went from potentially going to the event to watching the stream which didn’t work properly I might add and was having consistency problems. So what I saw I of course reserved judgement for because it was a stream — a stream that went in and out, that stopped and started and that was choppy at different times. It wouldn’t be fair correct? So I waited, like the impartial guy that I am (lmbo) for the HD video to be released. Now that I have indeed watched the HD video version, what I saw confirmed what I thought when I saw the stream;  that I wasn’t “wowed” but the excuse for me then was, it was the streams fault; now I had confirmation the games presented didn’t look as next-gen as it needed to be. The only game that stood out graphically to me was ‘Drive Club’ the details in the cars were a pretty sight to see but even now as I think about it, I’m not sure Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo series couldn’t pull of something similar on the next iteration of  their racer — on the PS3!

Watchdogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFamous: Second Son all had the potential to wow me with graphics never seen but it was meh to say the least. Watchdogs, PS4 looks about the same as the Watchdogs PS3 demo shown at E3, Killzone: Shadow Fall did not look like the leap it needed to be and inFamous: Second Son looked like it could be done on the PS3.

Watchdogs PS4 version

I know many have speculated that the PS4 wouldn’t be as big a jump graphically as many expected, but not only did I not believe — or want to not believe that,  I think a significant jump is necessary to justify a next-gen console; for gamers to spend hundreds of dollars for and upgrade, unless all the other factors of a new console are earth shattering, ie gameplay elements never saw before in gaming that couldn’t be done previously, or even I would settle (such a harsh word) if the PS4 could produce GTA’s open-world-ness with Heavy Rain Graphics. It can not be however, ie ” With the PS3 you could only have 20 characters on screen at a time, now you can have 30″  type of difference. Btw couldn’t the launch have waited until next year?

On top of spotting the obvious I also noticed hair, which by the way was one of my top requests for next-gen — for them to get it right and produce realistic looking hair, still looks bland except of course  for the David Cage’s presentation of the “old man” (which gives me hope – David Cage for life!). Also Computer AI still looks predictable and sometimes unlifelike, looking at you inFamous: Second Son, sure they look a little better but they move the same as the PS3’s inFamous and inFamous 2 — almost like  a pre-rendered animation when it should look and feel more natural — I expect way more.

Screenshot from inFamous: Second Son 

Truly I battle with these sentiments, partly because I don’t want to believe it but also, in like the case of  inFamous: Second Son it really does look significantly better than it’s predecessors; it  just doesn’t “kill” the best looking games PS3 has to offer and it should “kill” the best looking games PS3 has to offer. But maybe that’s the trick because inFamous is open world, maybe the whole trade off for open world vs graphics and Developers playing “which one do I sacrifice” game is lessened, now the PS4 allows  inFamous: Second Son to be on par with the best looking PS3 games and still utilize the open world, but still in the end won’t look better than a linear PS4 game.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m confident the PS4 console is more powerful than the PS3 console, but the games that wow should be an every-reveal occurrence not an anomaly, it shouldn’t be the exception to the the rule but the rule itself.

What do you gamers think? Is it me or do these games not look next-gen? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. It’s you…

  2. Umm what where you expecting? 🙂
    The generation leap was never going to as significant again as previous.

  3. It’s you. I suggest an eye exam. You might be going blind.

  4. It’s definitely you. Kudos on getting hits for your site though with this article. You’re the first to do it.

    • Its an sincere observation — not a target for hits. Even if you may not agree with it, it’s 100% honesty. I love the PlayStation Brand BTW and will keep supporting them in the future but I got to call it like I see it. I,even while I wrote the article still battle with my own sentiments.

      • The fact is you will only see a little bit of difference in screen shots.

        The video of Next Gen games won’t lie because the fog of last gen will be lifted. Texture pop in will be a thing of the past. Poly pop in will be a thing of the past.

        This article is exactly hit mongering taking a controversial stance for hits.

      • This is a fluff piece for hits. Nothing about what you wrote is meaningful, accurate, or productive to the conversation. Killzone Shadow War is the best looking game I’ve ever seen, period. It is a first generation title, running on an early iteration dev machine. There are 10 months left in development. This means that the Killzone DEMO is the extreme baseline of what we will be seeing from this generation. Your comment is it is “Meh”.

        Upon submission of this comment, you have revealed your hand. It’s like people who say they can’t see a difference between DVD and Blu-Ray. They’re trolling, you’re trolling, and you can sugar coat it with “I will continue to support the Playstation brand!!!!” all you want. You’re really out of touch, and you’re not fooling anyone.

  5. i agree 100%, ps4 games do look unbelievable but they don’t blow ps3’s out of the water, GTA V, MGS GZ, Halo 4 an bioshock infinite still look phenomenal even after seeing ps4 footage

  6. That watchdog demo from E3 2012 was from a pc dumbass.

    • yeah i heard about that, although i dont know if thats been confirmed but even if it was i heard it was still running off the specs of the ps4 (So no excuses there) and it makes sense, they’re not gonna say or at least they shouldnt say “watchdogs for ps4” and then use a PC that doesnt at least run similar specs.

      And even if ur right that makes it worse…the “almighty” pc running a game thats neck and neck with current generation consoles? please dont tell me that.

  7. He’s right about the A.I. , I hope the A.I. gets better then from ps3 and 360, they don’t need to make the selling points that you can fight hundreds of guys when they should make fewer but have them be actually intelligent , Don’t just try to sell the game on graphics alone!

    Imagine playing the next ghost recon with intelligent A.I.

  8. If you’re not happy, I suggest you apply to those companies and give them advice on how it could look more next gen (provided you can really define what it is).

    I know this advice seems crazy, but since you’re comparing end of generation games with next-gen pre-alpha on an unfinished hardware, i just assumed everything was possible…

  9. “I think a significant jump is necessary to justify a next-gen console”.

    That’s very true.
    Everybody will agree you on that point.
    Even the mob will never massevely buy a console of that kind and even less one that’s made jump backward.
    Not even for a pad and a bullshit skilless gameplay.
    Eh wait ?

  10. To be honest, the “Fidelity” level on the first gen titles of the new era is extremly high. Crysis 3 looks superb on PC, but i don´t recall having a draw distance on that game, like the intial flight in KZSF and at a high quality.

    Since we are just adding more “raw” power to our next gen cards.. the graphics per se won´t change. Higher Resoultions, cripser images but same bumbmapping cr-p copy pasta in the next UE7 😉

    For a real change, we need diffrent redners (rasterizers, raytraying etc..)

    just my guess.

  11. It’s definitely NOT you. The entire PS4 presentation was underwhelming. To the visitors of the press, that didn’t even get a drink and were laughing about it on the way out, to the consumers watching the badly organized streams, it was a PoS. What a falure!

  12. Yes, its just you. time for an eye exam dipshit.

  13. Do these games NOT look next-gen??? Wouldn’t you have to know what next gen is supposed to look like in order to ask that question and expect a valid reply? I mean, if you said, “I thought, if these are next gen games, they’d look better,” then I’d get it. You’d be saying you expected more, which is fine. But I really don’t have a clue of what next-gen should look like. I’ve read lots prior to the PS4 announcement about how the jump from, for example, the Xbox to the 360 is greater than what we can expect from the 360 to what’s replacing it. In other words, there will be improvement, but relatively speaking, it won’t be as great.

  14. +1…website that do comments like that.
    I don’t blame the writer, but is it too difficult to understand that most demos were running on the first dev kits, totally unfinished, with draft libraries, with the first lines of code, with hardware specs that may already have evolved each time a new dev kit is sent to developers?
    Is it hard to understand that each time they change a dev kit, it reflects small changes, but changes nonetheless, on the silicon side, a few more HZh here, a few other components there, and they must be adapting their engines almost realtime, almost coding blindly?
    Is it hard to realize that each month brings its load of changes, like more ram, or another feature just added on the GPU, and each of these changes must be circumvented, with the engineers who make the game engine almost becoming totally nuts, with such a challenge.

    It is hard to realize that Sony might not have said everything, so Microsoft just matches, ex:, ram, or speed, or the controller, and a few months before the release, Sony may have managed to make amd make some big improvements on the APU, for example, 2.4 GHz in lieu of 1.8, double the calculation units, add a few bells and whistle here and there, Sony could also add 1 or 2 more gigas of memory, so, instead of stealing 1-2gb of ram from the 8gb available, they could add some more, to really leave 8gb for the games. Since the ram is quite cheap, we could even have like 12 or 16 GB of ram, on the final ps4. Knowing how important is to have the ‘biggest one, with the best specs,etc, is a key point, and I’m sure what has been announced the last 20 doesn’t reflect the truth, at all, and the final specs shall be far superior. Just like Sony didn’t show the ps4 design, which rose many many comments, like ‘the invisible console’, etc: why would a company, from a marketing standpoint, want to reveal something capital for a product, like its design, almost one year before, knowing that other companies could then adapt its design, or copy, or do better. Why would Sony do it? To please Microsoft? And what else?

    All this to say that I’m sure what we know so far aren’t the final psn specs, for sure. They will be waiting for the Microsoft presentation, and even in the last months before starting manufacturing the consoles, Sony could add some new features, to make the ps4 even more powerful, like, for example, adding more ram. Sure, these changes wouldn’t be useful for the almost finished games that will constitute the lineup, but could serve on the second generation of games, like, for example, killzone shadowfall 2.

    I think Sony and amd must certainly have some marge, on the hardware side, and they could, for example, raise the apu speed by 100 MHz, even if it means +1db of noise and 2-3 degrees celcius hotter.

    So, why spending 15 minutes to write this? To remind people and PC haters that what we have seen last 20, are games running on permanent-evolution dev kit prototypes, with rushed engines build in a couple of days, using unoptimized code, probably only using 20% of the final specs, made in a couple of weeks, just to be shown on the meeting. Like kill zone shadow fall, people have to admit that on killzone 2 and 3, guerrilla games could, in one month, incredibly increase the graphics quality of the characters or a particular scene, by a factor at least x0.2-0.3. There are many comparison s like that on the web, just do some researches. Now, imagine what we saw the last 20, imagine it running on the final psn specs, with full usage of the ram: I’m sure guerrilla games will utilise every byte of RAM available on the psn. And with more ram, with the final specs, with a graphic engine fully optimized, and not a beta one like now, and with much more space for hires textures, effects, etc, we could end up having a killzone game 3 times better than what we saw, one week ago. And thinking about that, and how guerrilla games always use the most of the hardware,it just scares me.
    That game, 2-3 times better than now, would be amazing. Amazing. And I’m sure it will.and only then, some people, haters, xbots or pcists, may finally stop thinking that more GHz and RAM-sli = much better graphics, automatically.

    And all the haters from n4g that will come here, guys, relax, take a deep breath, play some more halo or gears, the best food ever, and get some powerful pain killers, because, next Christmas, its gonna hurt really bad.
    And the PC guys that are posting shit on every single forum on the web, just to show the world their quad sli-32gb of ram-overclocked CPU , at 3000$ is thé best a man can get, and are so powerful, that games get entire levels and new characters automatically generated! Soo much powerzzzzzz!!!

    You too, get some morphine, its gonna hurt as well… but for the ego, the only medic will be… buying a ps4, and enjoying its great games. Instead of upgrading once again your 600$ graphic card, pick a ps4, forget your ego, and enjoy great games on the couch, next to a nice girl, instead of staying on your chair, hurting your ass for hours, totally alone, only you, your game isos with the no-cd crack and all those pr0n movies. Really, quit your PC rigs for some weeks, your right arm and hand will say thank you, and you might end up discovering how fun ,playing on a console, it can be. Give it a try, really.

  15. Do you remember the leap from Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2? I personally think it’s going to be like that. The launch titles will be good but there sequels will blow them out of the water. Plus rumors are going around that only 2 of 8 gigs were used so expect more at E3 I’d say. I’m trying to not judge because it was just a reveal.

  16. Oops it’s you..just you. No need to panic though. Get everything checked.

  17. I agree with this article. The improvement from the SNES/Genesis to the PS1/N64 era was huge. The jump to the PS2 era was great, the jump to the current era was good and frankly this jump looks relatively minimal. As someone who isn’t a graphics freak, you could persuade me that these games are on a PS3.

    When images of the next gen’s gameplay first came out in the old days you could tell the difference instantly. Now we’re having to nit pick certain parts and use graphical terms like “poly pop” whatever that means. There’s a jump I can see but it’s nowhere near as amazing old jumps between the generations.

    A lot of gamers treat brand loyalty quite seriously though… So not many people will agree with you.

  18. the ps 4 reveal was truly meh. I remember when the ps 3 was announced. Back then print was still dominant, so i got all my information from play magazine. And what they said, and the vidoes that accommodated the articles blew my FUCKING MIND. That duck shit, that killzone shit, that mother fucking mgs 4 shit.

    Wow, it was such an amazing time. So i got myself a ps3 and it was the biggest load of shit i ever wasted my money on. I was so disappointed, every fucking game looked like ass when compared to the xbox. Anyway back to the topic, the reveal was honest. Thats it, i have almost no interest in this console. I would of preferred some of that bull shit talk to hype me up. But ja, i will see it in the store, and be like meh, what a waste.

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