Before I officially start this article I would like to say I thought it was funny and actually liked the way Sony started the conference;  talking about the PS Vita as if they weren’t going to announce the PS4, good one Sony! Now to my point…

I went from potentially going to the event to watching the stream which didn’t work properly I might add and was having consistency problems. So what I saw I of course reserved judgement for because it was a stream — a stream that went in and out, that stopped and started and that was choppy at different times. It wouldn’t be fair correct? So I waited, like the impartial guy that I am (lmbo) for the HD video to be released. Now that I have indeed watched the HD video version, what I saw confirmed what I thought when I saw the stream;  that I wasn’t “wowed” but the excuse for me then was, it was the streams fault; now I had confirmation the games presented didn’t look as next-gen as it needed to be. The only game that stood out graphically to me was ‘Drive Club’ the details in the cars were a pretty sight to see but even now as I think about it, I’m not sure Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo series couldn’t pull of something similar on the next iteration of  their racer — on the PS3!

Watchdogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFamous: Second Son all had the potential to wow me with graphics never seen but it was meh to say the least. Watchdogs, PS4 looks about the same as the Watchdogs PS3 demo shown at E3, Killzone: Shadow Fall did not look like the leap it needed to be and inFamous: Second Son looked like it could be done on the PS3.

Watchdogs PS4 version

I know many have speculated that the PS4 wouldn’t be as big a jump graphically as many expected, but not only did I not believe — or want to not believe that,  I think a significant jump is necessary to justify a next-gen console; for gamers to spend hundreds of dollars for and upgrade, unless all the other factors of a new console are earth shattering, ie gameplay elements never saw before in gaming that couldn’t be done previously, or even I would settle (such a harsh word) if the PS4 could produce GTA’s open-world-ness with Heavy Rain Graphics. It can not be however, ie ” With the PS3 you could only have 20 characters on screen at a time, now you can have 30″  type of difference. Btw couldn’t the launch have waited until next year?

On top of spotting the obvious I also noticed hair, which by the way was one of my top requests for next-gen — for them to get it right and produce realistic looking hair, still looks bland except of course  for the David Cage’s presentation of the “old man” (which gives me hope – David Cage for life!). Also Computer AI still looks predictable and sometimes unlifelike, looking at you inFamous: Second Son, sure they look a little better but they move the same as the PS3’s inFamous and inFamous 2 — almost like  a pre-rendered animation when it should look and feel more natural — I expect way more.

Screenshot from inFamous: Second Son 

Truly I battle with these sentiments, partly because I don’t want to believe it but also, in like the case of  inFamous: Second Son it really does look significantly better than it’s predecessors; it  just doesn’t “kill” the best looking games PS3 has to offer and it should “kill” the best looking games PS3 has to offer. But maybe that’s the trick because inFamous is open world, maybe the whole trade off for open world vs graphics and Developers playing “which one do I sacrifice” game is lessened, now the PS4 allows  inFamous: Second Son to be on par with the best looking PS3 games and still utilize the open world, but still in the end won’t look better than a linear PS4 game.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m confident the PS4 console is more powerful than the PS3 console, but the games that wow should be an every-reveal occurrence not an anomaly, it shouldn’t be the exception to the the rule but the rule itself.

What do you gamers think? Is it me or do these games not look next-gen? CCU wants to hear from you.