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Prototype 2 Anounced at V.G.A’s….But who cares?

Activision is giving us a little taste of their next game before the V.G.A’s. A website know as “MURDER YOUR MAKER” shows a bald man looking at pictures on the wall.Now it is questionable if it is in fact prototype 2, so they put out a short clip show that various pictures from the first prototype. however, the website gives you no solid fact that it is prototype 2.

The big question is will people even care that a sequel to prototype is in development? Prototype was a promising game but was missing alot of tools of becoming a great game. Mediocre story, boring characters and ¬†unsightly graphics shot this game down from day one. Despite all the great publicity prototype got it wasn’t enough to dig itself out an early grave. However, Activision has put out alot of great games that should give us hope that prototype 2 will worth our time and money.

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