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PlayStation Vita TV Announced, Details Here!


Sony has announced the PlayStation Vita TV, which is a very compact “console”  that connects your PS3 Dualshock 3 controller and lets you play your PS Vita games on your TV.

Think of the Ouya but instead of Android games you will enjoy those Vita games on your Television screen. Sony also announced that the device will serve as a PS4 streaming station, allowing you to hook up your PS4 to one TV and stream its games through the PS Vita TV to another television which will be great for anyone else in the household that may want to watch you play a game and possibly watch the movies you are watching.

Speaking of movies, it’s been confirmed that you will be able to stream Netflix on your PS Vita TV. It will also let you play PS One Classics and PSP games through it.

The PS Vita TV will be released November 14th for 9,480 Yen ($95)  in Japan but no word yet on global release dates. Full official details haven’t been released by Sony yet so stay tuned to Console ControllUs to get the full scoop when available.

Be sure to watch the first trailer on this product here!

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