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PlayStation 4: Auto Eject Disc Without Being On The Actual Game

A interesting tidbit/feature I learned recently regarding Sony’s current gen video game machine PS4 and what it could do; by accident mind you while playing during one of my game sessions.

So I was playing GTA V and wanted to play something different; WWE 2K15 (I believe) instead of getting up though (who does that anymore right?lmboooooo) and ejecting the disc manually,  I went to hit the automatic eject disc option PS4 provides but GTA V was not highlighted. No, instead it was some other game. I was half paying attention when I finally realized I had the wrong game highlighted, but it was too late I already pressed the eject button. Expecting to get a dud or a “this game has to inserted” notification to my surprise the game still ejected.

How did I find this out anyway? Now anyone who has the PS4 may have noticed that it saves your game history  sort to speak — in order too, meaning when you change games the games you’ve played prior will still be sitting in your XMB as if they are ready to  be played with a touch of a button; almost as if you downloaded it type of feel. But you will also notice if they’re disc based you’ll have to reinsert the game to get it to play again.

So how does this factor into my discovery? Well…when I had a couple of prior games I’ve played sitting in the XMB I accidentally had one of those games highlighted, when I wanted to eject a disc of a game I was currently playing. In contrast normally the game you’re playing would be the only game in the XMB — no confusion, as showcased on the PS3. Don’t get me wrong I’m not mad at the new way  I kind of think it’s cool I’m just painting a picture is all but the PS4 has taught me it doesn’t matter, it’ll eject the current game regardless of which game you hover over.

So I did some more experimenting to see how far I could take it,  and this is what I found out:

  • It only works with disc based games and not downloads, the option is not even there if you tried
  • It works whether you’re actively in the game or just browsing through the XMB

Safe to say this may not be an overused feature lmbooooo 🙂 and could sound like a really minuscule thing but it’s cool to know — if just out of mere convenience that if I’m not perfectly highlighted on the game I want to eject I could still accomplish the goal,  could come in handy down the line for y’all.

What do you think about  the discovery? CCU wants to hear from you.

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