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P.T. Demo Removed from PlayStation Store (PSN) Don’t Remove It From Your Hard Drive

Following the rumors and then confirmation of Hideo Kojima leaving Konami, producer of the Metal Gear Solid Series, another tear down as a result of the break-up happened today.

The heralded P.T. demo  that would’ve eventually turn into ‘Silent Hills’, another game that was set to be produced by Kojima —  now cancelled, is being removed from Sony’s PlayStation Store (PSN) today.

Quote from Sony:

P.T.  has been removed from PS Store. You may continue to access the game if it has already been downloaded. However, the game cannot be re-downloaded if you choose to delete it from you system.

So there you have it,  if you want to hold on to P.T. you better not delete it and if you haven’t downloaded this wonderful demo yet it seems you lucked out.


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