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One of the reasons Kojima decided to drop the “Solid” from Metal Gear Rising

The Spike VGA’s was graced by many, many, reveals. One of the anticipated reveals was what Kojima had to say about his teams newest project which was named MGS Rising at the time.

We know he handed the project over to Platinum Games, we know it has a new name —  “Metal Gear Rising: Revengance”, but now we get to hear from Kojima on one of the reasons  he decided to change the name.

In a recent tweet from Mr. Hideo Kojima, he revealed why he decided to drop the “Solid” from Metal Gear Rising. Here’s the quote from the man himself:

“One of the reasons changing the title from “Metal Gear Solid Rising” to “Metal Gear Rising” was that I wanted them to create new protagonist Raiden, not SOLID without been haunted by the spin-off.”

So what do you think about this change? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. I don’t give a shit. I want Kojima.

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