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Oh! That’s Why Microsoft chose to go with that Design for Xbox One?

The jokes have not stopped regarding Microsoft’s latest next-gen console, Xbox One. Especially now that Sony has revealed theirs —  although Sony’s next-gen console (PS4)  kind of looks like a Xbox One Junior; with the choice and all to go with the combination of matte and glossy material, albeit a little more fashionable.

Xbox One has been associated with everything from old school hardware and technology to kitchen appliances! I’ve read things like it reminds gamers of  a DVD player, VCR,  Cable box, air conditioner…lmboo AIR CONDITIONER? I even heard refrigerator, wow! All these non-flattering adjectives have been used to describe Microsoft’s next-gen console. But then the explanation.

The Holistic approach

So Microsoft —  assuming after hearing the feedback from disappointed gamers chose to defend its decision regarding the aesthetic look to its newest box, saying this design was done purposely with a purpose, going with a holistic approach.

Here’s a quote for Ramiro Torres, Creative Director of Design on Xbox One as reported by  Tech Radar via Xbox Wire:

 We wanted to think from a holistic perspective,”.

 “Its design has to make an appropriate statement that reflects its capability as an all-in-one entertainment system.”

Simplicity is key

Simple was another word tossed out there by Microsoft essentially to create “invisible technology” wanting the content and games themselves to dominate your attention in the living room, not the box itself (Oh boy!  I could hear more jokes already, referencing  the massive size of  the console — “Invisible in your living room huh?”, “More like “the elephant in the living room”” followed by the sound elephants make, hrrannhhh).


“The console and Kinect sensor are liquid black so they melt into the background when being used, allowing the content on your TV to dominate the living room.”

There was also a reference to simulating the modern TV represented by inspirations from 16:9, the ratio found in most HDTV’s as well as the glossy/matte look.

Other Developers of the Xbox One  mentioned a whole bunch of other reasons for the look, which I won’t go into, you can read  it on your own as well  as watch the in-depth video.  

I’ve always said based on the direction Microsoft has explained it wants to go, wants to be your Target or Targét (depending on who you ask) of the entertainment  business.

Investigating further

Overall behind the technological bravado, what if  Microsoft in a really deep way is saying they wanted the outside look of the box to reflect what the box does inside — literally, explaining why it resembles  a combination of all your favorite electronics that you use or used daily — past or present. When you look at it, It wants to remind you of a VCR, it wants to remind you of a DVD player, it wants to remind you of a cable box, it wants to remind you of a air conditioner…errrrr, just joshing. Heck! it wants to be your VCR, it wants to be your DVD player, it wants to be your cable box, as if to say without saying they’ve embodied all the things that you ever needed electronically with a nod to the old while they usher in the new.

The jokes now take a different light when you consider these things. If it’s indeed an ode to the old school while at the same time representing — in design, for a new generation —  my words not theirs, it’s darn near artistic whether you agree with the design or not.

Not buying it? Not literally, the logic that is. Man! If there was ever a time to say no pun.

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