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No Sony E3 Press Conference on Spike…again — here’s why

According to info gathered from my TV listings there will be no Sony E3 Press Conference coverage on Spike…again.

Here’s most likely why:

I reported last year around this time as gamers, press, media, developers, and publishers alike were gearing up for E3 2012 that there would be no Sony Press Conference coverage on Spike TV.

Upon this discovery I reached out to Sony (still waiting for a response :))  and Geoff Keighley (Gametrailers, GTTV) about the obvious absence to which he replied:

We couldn’t work out a deal, simple as that.

Now that was last year but I attempted to do the very same thing this year and without fail the same result no SONY PRESS CONFERENCE! And it’s most likely due to the same reasons.

As I also mentioned last year I hoped it wouldn’t become a trend but based on my latest discovery it seems that is indeed the case. I shouldn’t be surprised though as I’ve come to learn via a commenter,  “refocusedman”:

“Spike is owned by viacom. Viacom is partners with microsoft….. Its probably a strategic move on MS behalf.”

Of course this is rooted in speculation — whether or not the Viacom-Microsoft partnership is preventing Sony from having representation on the network remains to be seen but it is an interesting angle.

Now I know there will be all types of streams but nothing beats TV. Besides I never fully trusted that medium — it’s not reliable enough yet. If G4TV still exists it will most likely broadcast there but last time I checked it was still in standard definition. Even if the network upgraded to HD since then, the fallout between DirecTV and G4 robs me of that privilege, so I am most likely stuck with the very choppy version of the conference.

Side note* I find it funny the irony that Spike’s tagline is “Get More Action”.

Disappointed? CCU wants to hear from you.

Update* Geoff Keighley has said via Twitter that the reason this years Sony Press Conference was not aired was because of the time frame — being that it was Primetime, which was in conflict with the networks (Spike) schedule.

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  1. G4TV is being turned into a, and I am NOT making this up, metrosexual channel. Almost all video game programming has already been discontinued. Here’s hoping SOMEONE picks up the Sony conference cuz streams are going to be FLOODED with users and likely crash…Sony’s self-produced Playstation live streams ALWAYS crash or experience massive buffering due to congestion.

    One of these years SOMEONE is going to be prepared for the massive interest in these types of things and have servers that can handle the traffic. Someday. Every time one happens, I hope “this is the time” but I am always wrong.

    • Geoff Keighley said on this weeks GTTV that Sony conference would be covered.

  2. It’s because the press conference is during prime time, that’s why. No conspiracy theory, it’s a profit maximizing company like all the others.

    • Boooo! So what they tryna say? Gamers aint gonna give them the ratings they looking for? lmbooo

    • Yes, because Spike TV really has a lot of “important” shows to air in primetime on Monday…. Hell look at how many streams crash because of the audience for this conference. Its more viewers than Spike will get for a re run of cops…..

  3. Screw Spike TV. Who needs them anyway? They suck. Everyone can see everything on the Internet.

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that Spike isn’t airing Sony’s conference as a form of strategy, but it won’t work.

    To say that TV is the best way of watching E3 coverage is a complete fallace. It’s not a valid opinion, it’s misconception born from ignorance. TV coverage of E3 was GREAT, THE BEST and dare I say FLAWLESS when it was on G4. Why? G4 cared about what gamers cared about because it was all about the games. The E3 coverage on Spike is LAUGHABLE in comparison in every single possible way. (Except for resolution and audio) Ads on practically every other frame, shameless plugs, people pretending to care about games they KNOW are crap, models pretending to be gamers, corporate dribble that’s been calculated to make the highest impact on the lowest common denominator of gamers. Dude bros, every last one of them.

    Nintendo and Sony will both prove you wrong come this E3, after Microsoft continues to flounder and destroy the install base they had “in the bag” 5 years ago, you’ll realize that the internet is the future of E3. It’s truly sad. but at least we’ll still have Nintendo and Sony caring about gamers and getting them all the knowledge and hype they can take.

    • The ONLY reason I thumbs down’d you is that while the internet is the FUTURE of E3 coverage, it is NOT the present. While many sites have fantastic E3 coverage, every year they are plagued with server congestion and thus serve up excessive buffering and even complete crashes of those streams. On TV, you don’t have that problem and, to give the old G4 people credit, they at least showed the conferences in their entirety, at least the ones I saw a few years back. Spike has been quite good about that too. The crap they shovel us after or even before the actual press conferences aren’t important…I am usually on the internet either watching other websites’ pre and post coverage or chatting with online friends about the material I saw. But having TV with no commercial interruptions and GUARANTEED not to buffer is a Godsend…until internet streams have the backing to NOT crash and buffer all the time, anyways. Maybe this is the year that happens, who knows?

  5. Sony isn’t being aired because they are PauperStation and Sony isn’t even in the Brandz Top100 anymore now. They are irrelevant!

    • If you want to be part of a single minded company that only want your money and try to control you and take away your ownership of games, then buy an XBone, you deserve it. If you suddenly decide that you are a gamer, and you actually care about your rights as a consumer, buy a PS4 or WiiU

  6. Sounds like a Microsoft strategy.

  7. This is what happens when fanboys attack. Companies do what they have to to get their message out. And if that means making sure they are the only message so be it. People should learn some integrity and companies wouldn’t have to result to things like this. I used to watch all of the conferences, but fanboys have made me shy away from Sony. Stop spreading your BS among yourselves and they wouldn’t feel the need to make sure that the majority hears a different message and only their message. Fanboys have done this to themselves.

    BTW, I believe G$ was owned by Viacom too.

  8. All you Sony fan boys are ridiculous when Sony’s DRM is the same because the developers won’t develop for there console we will see who console flounders I’m perfectly ok with the destruction of used games . It’s a market where I pay $60 for a game brand new , and trade it in and get $25 for it and they turn around and sell it for $58 bucks and they don’t give any of that money to the developers that’s cool ha

  9. Sony & Viacom are partners too! They have a partnership in the form of 2 TV channels in Australia, plus Sony owns shows airing on Viacom owned networks like The Big C, Unforgettable & Rules of Engagement (which just ended after 6 years). Also countless airings of Sony movies on Viacom networks. I’m sure their partnership on King of Queens brought in more $ than the Viacom-MS deal. As a matter of fact, it might have brought in some of that money!

    Microsoft & Viacom’s ad partnership DOES NOT extend to SpikeTV! Also collusion like that might actually be illegal! Thanks for starting this ridiculous conspiracy theory.

    GTTV airs @ about 1am on friday night. SpikeTV doesn’t see video games on tv as a cash cow so their not willing to give up prime time ad $. Pop-up ads do not bring in the revenue of 30-sec commercials. Not even close. That’s why tv pop-up ads usually only promote shows on that very network.

    Also just to remind you of the extremely obvious: X1 has a blu-ray drive & Sony make an entire line of Windows PCs. Microsoft & Sony are console rivals, but the two companies are PARTNERS!

  10. Forgot to mention (your site doesn’t let me edit my comments): SPIKE AIRED SONY’S PS4 REVEAL LIVE! All 120min of it. None of which was in prime time hours. It was followed by a 30min GTTV special in which Geoff interviewed a number of developers that appeared on stage. That was the 1 more hour of commercial free time the PS4 got over the X1. They could have devoted an extra hour to MS for their post reveal roundtable but they didn’t.

  11. Most of the gaming websites Americans read are tied in with Microsoft. It’s how they managed to get their foothold.

    It’s no coincidence that most of these websites sprung up when Microsoft joined the gaming party with the original Xbox.

    Joystiq, Eurogamer, Destructiod and so on all have links to Microsoft via the parent companies partnerships.

    It’s why you can’t get impartial gaming reviews and news anymore.

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