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NBA 2K13 Review

“A sports simulation that brings the spirit of sports home”.

Let’s get one thing clear: I have always liked ‘NBA Live’ games better than SEGA’s answer to EA’s games. The realization is this; there is a reason NBA 2K has been the better selling of the two and now the only B-ball game around. That reason is simply it’s the best at what it attempts to do and that is recreate a sport that people love to watch and play. With great attention to detail and not settling for what was done last year, 2K Games seem to be rising above expectations year after year. I have to give credit where credit is due on this one.

An important part of any sports simulation is its looks and 2K13 does a phenomenal job of not only presenting basketball, but making you believe that a real game is going on. The character models are crazy detailed and spot on. You want to see James Harden’s beard? You want to see the mascot go crazy after a big play? You like looking at those “foxy” (yes I said foxy) cheerleaders at half time? Want to see the coach get mad at you for messing up? That stuff is all hear.

Along with the look each player sports and styles, all the way down to how they shoot their free throws. The presentation is even turned up from previous years with commercial style breaks from the plays. The pre and post game shows dial you in and add to the overall feel of a real game.

Bottom line is that this game looks crazy real and 2K studios would be hard pressed to do a better job.

You know the drill buddy and no not the “Mikan” drills (I’ll assume you know how to play real B-ball to get that joke). You pick and choose from one of the 32 NBA teams, pitting them against the other 31 to see who will become the next Champions. To keep things real….let’s face it there is no real story to sports games, but thankfully NBA 2K13 remedies this by giving you select modes to live one out. You can take a player and let him rise through the ranks of the league. Get drafted, get an agent, heck even sit down with your coach and have an RPG style conversation with him as you answer his questions about where you are going in your career. All complete with great stat tracking over multiple seasons.

No matter what game you play the gameplay and controls are important. NBA 2K13 does a stellar job of giving you control on the court, in the menus and overall..of the game. You can have your baller execute crossovers on command. You can add touch to that fade away J just right. You can “pause” the game and select how you want your substitutions. You have a wealth of options to choose from and it’s all easily laid out. Add to that the Kinect on Xbox 360 (which I have) and you can easily run plays and conduct subs. That was a great move to implement although you could have easily used the regular microphone.

Things feel fun and although with most sports games you can feel the game cheat at times, it never feels too out of hand. Players move with weight and depth I have yet to see in ANY sports game which is saying a lot. Throw in a list of legendary teams, players, the original and current dream teams and you are set to be having fun for the whole year.