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NBA 2K12: Now that NBA Basketball is back will sales skyrocket?

We sport fans had a tough year with not one but two lockouts, both the NFL and the NBA not only had lockouts, but  lockouts  in the same year! Not sure if that has ever happened before in the history of sports! With both seasons in question both EA (publisher) and 2K Sports (publisher) had big decisions to make on whether to still release their games regardless of what happened in real life.

Both publishers followed a similiar business model and decided to release their games anyway with Madden 12 getting a slight delay. In the case of 2K12, 2K Sports  decided to release the game albeit no updated rosters and no rookies and ultimately NO NBA, taking a huge risk on the reception via sales from fans of the series. I knew that the game would take a hit for releasing in the middle of a full-blown lockout but I didn’t know how much. I did some digging and found that 2K12 is currently selling below 50% (if it’s accurate) of what they normally sell and have yet to reach a million in sales to this point.

Brighter Days:

The lockout is officially over and 2K Sports has free reign to update the rosters and add the rookies, not to mention  NBA fans getting genuinely excited about the return of basketball, plus the lockout ending at a “perfect time” — “feel good season” aka holiday season. Do you think with seemingly strong elements  that gamers will now run out to their local stores in droves and pick up a copy? Or request their love ones to add that to their Christmas list?

If  the above answers  is Yes then that  more than likely proves that there  is a close association between real life basketball and video game basketball. If the decrease in sales didn’t already teach that, then the increase in sales will most certainly do so. I don’t  know if 2K Sports put the game out there anyway to test the market or they didn’t care, but if it’s the former and the above scenario rings true, they have a good bit of information to work with.

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