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My frustration with Short Campaign/Story MODE in First Person Shooters

CAMPAIGN MODE: ‘The process of playing a video game in the form of a linear story written and based around the main character). _’

Games are not just for teenagers anymore. Since the early 2000’s more and more adults both male and female have become serious gamers’ and many seek an engaging and mature experience. Sadly, in recent times the majority of FPS (First Person Shooter) game designers have opted to focus primarily on multi-player online modes that have no definitive story line; just an all out free for all in a modified version of the game. While I do understand that FPS games serve primarily one function; to shoot whatever is in front of the screen, but since I am a conservative gamer (meaning, I’m strict on the games I choose to play); I believe that short campaign modes in FPS games is inexcusable; especially for what current gaming technology has to offer. I believe that all RPG/FPS games should be a personal and subjective experience for the player.

It’s frustrating that recent campaign modes in most FPS games can be finished in under three days; and that is only with casual game-play. I respectfully implore all game designers to increase their story/campaign modes for a longer and satisfying experience in their productions. After all; $60 is a lot of money for just a quick game; and while online multi-player games are popular, not everyone wants or need to connect online.

An example of a really good and satisfyingly long campaign mode from an FPS game is Crysis 2 developed by Crytrek and published by Electronic Arts in 2011. The story was solidly written by literary authors Richard Morgan and popular science fiction writer Peter Watts; a testament to the games strong structure. It is a very long and very challenging game. Many times I thought I came close to finishing the game but it kept on going and going.  If you have not played Crysis 2; give it a try. I think it is a highly underrated game that mostly went unnoticed by mainstream gamers. Crysis 3 is currently in production for a 2013 release. I concede that not everyone plays nor cares much for FPS games so this opinion is in the minority.

(Crysis 2)

Written by
ConGame (Gordon C.)

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  1. Crysis 2 sucked! for me that is
    just hate dialogue cutscene gameplays man

    but it is impossible to get a long hour campaign now, too much resources goes into replayability contents.

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