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MLB 11 The Show Homerun Derby Trailer

From PlayStation blog:

Baseball season is finally here! As we begin to watch our favorite teams go at it on the diamond, I’d like to show you our newest MLB 11 The Show trailer, focusing on our Home Run Derby mode using PlayStation Move.

You can still play HR Derby using the DualShock controller, but this year we’ve really upped the ante, allowing players
to now use the PlayStation Move controller in the same way that you would swing a baseball bat. You can play a quick three-out Derby against a buddy or make the experience a bit longer with five or ten outs, using up to eight sluggers in total.
I’ve had a lot of practice playing and I have to tell you, it feels really good to swing for the virtual fences and hit one out of the park. And, if you don’t trust me, have a look at our cover athlete Joe Mauer taking some cuts on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Not a surprise, but Mauer edged out Jimmy in a HR Derby duel by a score of 1-0.
Well played Mauer!

*Side note from SchollA-I actually played MLB the Show 11 at a Sony Event featuring Joe Mauer and it actually was a lot of fun and don’t even like baseball like that!

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