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Metal Gear Solid V: Lost in the translation

GDC 2013: Hideo Kojima finally admits to his involvement in ‘The Phantom Pain’ which he confirmed is his work and is completely named ‘Metal Gear Solid V:  The Phantom Pain’ which many already guessed it would be, however with Kojima already announcing his upcoming title ‘Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ many were left confused. Somewhere something got lost in the translation.

Even with all the clarifications I feel there is still questions.

Here’s the lowdown: MGS: Ground Zeroes announcement, is it Solid Snake, is it Naked Snake aka Big Boss , The Phantom Pain announcement, half name, Fake publisher, is it Kojima, is it not Kojima, speculation, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Metal Gear Solid V announcement , two games, two parts, trailers, antics, preludes, prequels, incorrect reports, clarifications, whew! Am I missing anything.

Upon said announcement I went from happy to confused to even more confused lmbo, initially I didn’t know what to believe. What was real? What was exaggerated? What was misconstrued? That sort of thing. You had one article confirming they are  (Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes) two separate games, another saying  two separate parts, which could mean two separate things, with seemingly Kojima’s people saying one thing and Kojima himself saying another (update: They were saying the same thing, reporters just reported it differently).

Part of the confusion may have been due to rushed journalism, albeit unintentional; trying to be the first to break the story —  Is Ground Zeroes the prologue to Phantom Pain or was Phantom Pain the prologue to Ground Zeroes? It was later confirmed that Ground Zeroes is a prologue to  The Phantom Pain with The Phantom Pain being the main game. Part of the confusion may have been also caused due to being lost in the translation — literally, from Kojima to the translator (Japanese to English), from the translator to the journalists, from the journalists to the public.

The more clarification the more confusion

Now that we know GZ and TPP are two separate parts (confirmed) are they two cohesive games released on two separate dates  with each game containing a part? Or is it one or more discs released in the same box with the two games representing two parts? If it’s the former what will the name be? If it’s the latter what will the name be? Are they dropping one of the names or is it Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes/ The Phantom Pain? Or will both names be dropped and just be called MGSV period. History says a name will accompany the main title, so we may just be buying MGSV: Ground Zeroes and then MGSV: The Phantom Pain or buying MGS: Ground Zeroes (no 5) and MGSV: The Phantom Pain. You see what I mean, I don’t even know what to call each game and how to call each game and properly put in context each game —  if there is even a “each game” in the first place — see, I’m probably confusing you while trying to show you how confusing it is.

To be clear I’m not taking it overly serious just poking fun at how confusing this ride has been since the inception of a new MGS title. I’m pretty sure time will ultimately clear up what to expect. Hopefully (for some) this gets cleared up sooner than later.

Agh! No David Hayter

As if the confusion wasn’ t already at an all-time high people still are scrambled about Hayter’s role or lack there of, not necessarily if he will be voicing ‘Snake’ in these upcoming games — that since has been cleared up, he won’t, but maybe more so why he won’t, although I wouldn’t get to crazy on that one this is about ‘Big Boss’ not ‘Solid Snake’ besides they already established a new voice of BB in MGS4. Update* Now we may need to worry, statements from Kojima saying he’s recreating a new kind of Metal Gear that needs new voices backed by Hayter’s seemingly they don’t “need” me comments on twitter seem to go deeper than just the reason of the story not being centered around Solid Snake. Speaking of  Big Boss isn’t his story already complete, now he’s lost an arm!? Since when? A arm that I don’t remember ever being addressed in previous MGS’s. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out like GOW: Ascension where it’s good but seems unnecessary and a reach for a story — a holdover when it’s clear that everyone is waiting for the real story and the story that’s obvious to tell; what happened to ‘Kratos’ and in this case what happened to ‘Solid Snake’.


For every one question that is asked — and answered, it seems 2 more questions presents itself. These games are announced for the PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. Why would Kojima wait so long to announce a game period and then when he finally announces, he announces not one but two games and for what will be last generation hardware. No talks of releases on the new hardware? Although it may be because Microsoft hasn’t officially announced it’s console yet. Why this may be confusing? One, is because his games will presumably come out on or after the date nex-gen consoles release.  Two, there is no secret of Kojima’s fondness for new, powerful hardware, a hardware which comes closer to his dream of not stifling his imagination would seem like a no brainer.

Someone suggested it’s because he wants to take advantage of the current-gens’ install base, One problem, to make that statement is to not know Kojima, in all of his years as a developer from what he says to how he “moves” seem to suggest he always favors translating his vision on “paper” over being a “businessman”, he seems to care more about seeking out the most powerful hardware and making history than selling 10-15 million copies — to be commended, especially during this day and age. Now of course in saying all of this he’s not dumb, if he could have the best of both worlds so be it.

In strange irony this is becoming as confusing as the perceived story lines depicted in the MGS series, even though I believe I personally understand everything.

Somewhere Kojima’s probably smiling getting a kick out of all this. Something tells me the more confusion he bestows upon us gamers the more excited he gets….lmbo while smh.

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