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Metal Gear Solid 5: Hideo Kojima not at the helm?

Hideo Kojima may not be at the helm of Metal Gear Solid 5 after all. He mentions several things that may lead to that  fact.

Kojima’s been trying to retire the Metal Gear Solid series for a while, mentioning “this is my last one” after every iteration. But now says MGS5 is inevitable, when he’s not sure.

Through an interview via Official PlayStation Magazine Kojima mentions he wants to distance himself from the project, saying things like maybe he’ll do one stage. He also mentioned he was very hands on with the first MGS  and wanted to go in a different direction for MGS4, taking it to a “certain point” then “hand it off” but it was hard to translate the information to his team without preserving the vision. He hopes to do that for MGS5 — if not completely step back — allah MGS Rising.

Now I say Kojima “you have to head the the project!” You not being a part of MGS5 would be a huge blow all around, from a creative, business and marketing standpoint — speaking from a public perception side of things only.  I think the general public would be more comfortable knowing you were at the helm. Your name is as synonymous with the MGS series as the great Snake himself. Please don’t drop your baby off at the babysitters!

Do you believe him? That Kojima would actually let his baby go or have little to do with MGS5? Now for a spin off series like Rising it makes more sense, but to completely cut off Snake and the incredible brand he’s built, I’m not to sure. In any case CCU wants to hear from you.

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