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Madden NFL 25: Next gen requests — you might just want this too (Part 2)

Different Commentators: My Request

“It’s in the game” right? Well..different commentators are in the game. Imagine you have 8 different (or whatever  number it is) broadcast teams to call different games. Have the Fox teams do the Fox games, The CBS teams do the CBS games, EPSN team do the ESPN games and so on and so forth. Also in rotating fashion you can have the second team on down, take over commentary duties. As you know they air multiple games on one particular channel so this is where the other commentary teams on the same channel come in to play (no pun).


1st Team: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Pam Oliver

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa

Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick, and Laura Okmin

Gus Johnson, Charles Davis, and Tim Brewster


1st Team: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms

Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf

Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts

Marv Albert and Rich Gannon


 Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels and Michele Tafoya


Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, Jon Gruden

NFL Network

Brad Nessler, Mike Mayock, Alex Flanagan

Why you may want this too:

Well it would save the age old complaints that the commentary becomes repetitive, all the while keeping the game authentic true-to-the-game, fresh and unpredictable all at the same time.

No huddle and Hurry up:  My request

As seen in NCAA, some sort of system to handle no huddle and hurry up offenses better. Actually I like the NCAA approach but if the play call window could be removed and still accomplish the  same things,  that would be perfect.

Now the no huddle, not to be confused with hurry up in which you don’t huddle but you’re not necessarily rushing — which Peyton Manning is a master of,  includes substitutions on the fly. That of course would have to be coupled with the system I pitched in part 1 so that you could get the right personnel in. That right there would make for outstanding gameplay.

Why you may want this too:

Simulation football at it’s finest that’s why. Being able to go to the line scrimmage, call plays, and substitute  simultaneously — on the fly, with no HUD and use specific players we want to run the play, would revolutionize the football gaming genre for sure.

What to Challenge: My request

The way challenging calls should be  handled is, allow us to choose what we want to challenge, spot of the ball? A fumble? A catch? Interception? A menu should allow us to toggle between these options.

Why you may want this too:

Sometimes in football multiple things can go on in the same play, having control on what you can challenge would prove huge. I had a situation where I fumbled the ball and then the defense picked it up and then they fumbled the ball. I wanted to challenge my fumble but my only option was  to challenge the second (Defenses’) fumble. That would eradicate the issue.

Create-a-Coach: My request

I need a create-a-coach option; have it as deep and detailed as the current customization of create-a-player.

Why you may want this too:

As we know especially in today’s NFL the Coach turnover rate can be high and can happen at anytime during the season, Do you really want mid-season, to see a coach who no longer coaches the team  ( Exhibition, online head-to-head) parading the sidelines?

Penalties: My request

To elaborate from part 1 more NFL penalties should be included, Horse collar, illegal contact, double penalties, off-setting penalties, pass interference come to mind.

Off-setting penalties and double penalties can go hand-in-hand, but not always because a defense and offense can commit penalties that off-set but then you can have the same team commit two penalties in the same play. If this occurs the player can choose which penalty they want to accept. You can add to this, obsessive celebration (unsportsmanlike conduct). As far as how it would be implemented…not sure (lmbo).

And I know you’re like Pass Interference!? PI is in the game! Well is it? I know it states that it is, but I barely get called for one or see it. I turned PI all the way up to 100 (offensive PI too) and still nothing. PI has to be called more often. But be careful you don’t want to over do it.

Why you may want this too:

Simulation Football BABY!!! All the ways you can be penalized in real-life  should reflect in-game.

Draft Logic: My request

All player’s attributes should be unlocked after the combine, at least the tangible ones. The current system of not knowing how fast, agile, or strong they are  until pre-season does not mimic real-life – for the most part, unless someone did not participate in drills. Moreover all 32 teams have access to all players attributes way before they draft them.

Why you may want this too:

It mimics the NFL realistically and allows us who are playing GM to know exactly what we’re getting athletically, instead of guessing —  which is not realistic. Now all the other aspects like how good a player will ultimately be, I agree  should remain a mystery.

Gameflow: My request

I love Gameflow! I think we all should use it not only does it rid the HUD  entirely, but it’s more realistic. However when it comes to getting the play-calls in via headset I  would like to see the plays be able to come through the headsets when playing another player locally. I deemed it a hardware issue last year but with these next gen systems I’m more optimistic.

Why you may want this too:

It would further immersion and give both players a fair shake at getting their calls, without having to show their play and  ”bluff” each time we stepped up to the line of scrimmage.

Mistakes Mistakes Mistakes: My request

Mistakes are “in the game” so mistakes are welcomed. Miscues like botch snaps on punts, field goals  and offensive plays alike. Bad exchange on handoffs, slip and falls, (butt fumbles, lmbooo, I hope we never see that again) and referee miscues that cover a wide variety of things should all be included.

Now how these “mistakes” are accounted for is the tricky part, it has to be calculated mistakes, not mistakes caused from internal engine collapses or glitches, but rather trying to emulate the random happenings that comes with being a part of the NFL and ultimately being human.

Commentators also need to acknowledge this  and say “he missed the call” when in the case of referee miscues.

Why you may want this too:

It’s all part of that simulation “make up” we all hope EA is building.

Other Requests

All the various football occasions that take place throughout the season I want available in Exhibition mode and online head-to-head mode to be chosen at anytime. Kind of  like how you have  it now but with more options added, presentation included:

  • Monday Night Football
  • Sunday Night Football
  • Thursday Night Football
  • Preseason — Difference between Pre, Reg and Playoffs will be crowd noise, atmosphere and the commentary acknowledging such
  • Regular Season
  • Playoffs
  • Super Bowl
  • Thanksgiving Game
  • Hall of Fame game
  • Pro bowl
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Am I missing any?

Stay tuned for part 3. CCU wants to hear from you.

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