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Madden NFL 25: Next gen requests — you might just want this too (Part 1)

Obviously with Madden NFL 25 about a month away (the current gen versions) this wishlist is more geared to the next gen versions, plus the next gen versions have a greater chance of delivering some of the stuff on the list anyway.

With that said the great thing about doing a previous wishlist is you get to see all the things you got or didn’t get, sort of speak.

Unfortunately most of, if not all of my requests were not honored :(, I wrote the Madden NFL 13: Wishlist — what I want — WHAT WE All WANT piece and as the cliche saying goes: “In life we don’t always get what we want. So this year’s requests are more of a updated version of last year’s mixed in with all new requests. Hopefully this year I’ll get better results.

Two downloadable rosters: My Request

Now this will change the game forever if you guys can provide this. What I mean is this, provide me with the option to download either the rosters and ratings update or just a roster stand alone update.

Why you might just want this too:

Gamers like me that do their own roster rating updates – including equipment (which take a long time might I add) would benefit greatly, because we actually want the roster update but if we choose to download the EA version — the way the system currently works will reset all our rating changes. And with the new Game Sharing  feature this becomes even more critical.

If we could just get the roster update though, by-itself —  who got traded, number changes, who got signed, equipment changes, depth chart etc. while keeping all our rating changes that we personally implemented, it would save us a tremendous amount of time while being able to keep, what we think the ratings should actually be. That would be greatly appreciated.

Online: My request

To piggy-back off the two downloadable rosters idea, allow gamers to take these rosters online and use them! Hold on, I know your worried about it being fair and unified right? Solution: Allow a player inviting another player to survey said rosters and approve if they don’t mind playing with these rosters. There can be an accept/decline button. If  they accept, a private match would initiate with user rosters instead of the pre-loaded ones. Allow this to flow over to all game modes online such as Online Franchise.

Why you might just want this too:

Let me say, I don’t play online — at all. My friends always ask me to play and I decline, for reasons like stated above.  Not that I don’t want to, I just don’t feel like the ratings match the real-world counterparts and because of that I don’t feel I’m actually this team or can utilize specific players real-world skills.

The 49ers are my team,  Vernon Davis for  instance was never the true speed he is in real-life that he is in Madden and because of that, instead of being a terror to linebackers, safeties, and corners alike he’s was reduced to a stereotypical TE. I will say EA incrementally over the years increased his speed (meaning they’re even recognizing he can run) but it seems they’re scared to give him his “true” speed either because they don’t believe a tight end could be that fast — he runs a 4.36-4.37 40  people! Or because doing so will increase his overall to a place that is unrealistic for him — which reflects a flaw in the system. A player should not be “gimped” because it increases his overall, no, there should be a system in place that makes him what he is but still maintains a realistic overall.

I ran into the same problems too because aside from being an athletic freak he also has “old school” tight end skills, meaning he can really block! But while trying to give him both I saw his overall creeping into the 98-99 range — which he is not. Based on his play last year I would say 95 would be the cutoff point — at most.

By the way if you’re curious I have Vernon Davis at 96 speed 93 acc. Now before you call me crazy ironically this rating is loosely based off of EA’s speed chart. They say 4.37 equates to 95 speed so 96 equates to 4.33 (math). Technically if I just take it at face value Vernon should be 95 speed 95 acc but since Vernon does not run a 4.33 — which 96 spd 96 acc is, but rather more of a 4.36 and also recognizing (watching him play) that he doesn’t have outstanding acceleration but rather “long speed” as they say in the NFL, I increased his speed and decreased his acceleration.

With the new system in place, I can use my own interpretation of the roster ratings, albeit based on real-world comparisons and leave factual roster changes to EA. Finally I’ll be able to join the rest of the online community.

If EA can pull this off I’ll be online everyday!

PS2 customization 2.0: My request

BRING THIS BACK!!! And add more to it thus the 2.0. I’ve been in the forums asking for this for years! It’s a shame that the PS2 customization destroys this-gen’s customization. Everything from equipment, to how you set up your team playbook and personnel wise are leaps and bounds over anything seen this generation. This generation took a step back in that department.

Now I could say for all the wonderful things you added maybe there wasn’t enough space for that too. So maybe you didn’t have enough memory, maybe you took it away on purpose but this feature is coveted and next gen systems should give you all the memory you need to bring-this-back.

What do I mean? Okay, so let’s start with equipment. It was top notch in the PS2 era, I mean attention to detail was immaculate. You guys allowed gamers to change virtually everything in the game, it was like you handed over to us the developing tools. Things like height, weight, what arm he throws with, mouth piece, neck protectors, hair —  the kind of hair, the color of the hair!   Tattoos!  Were all there. You even allowed us to customize the uniforms (what the player wears) for home and away! So if a player wears black wristbands when they’re home and white wristbands when they’re away, you could do that! Incredible! You could even put color on their cleats, I remember the year when Steve Smith of the Panthers and Ochocinco — then Johnson of the Bengals used to wear sky blue and orange cleats respectively I used to go and reflect that in the equipment.

Why you might just want this too:

Because players constantly change and you want the game to reflect that real-time. Let’s take hair for example players sometimes cut their hair, grow their hair, color their hair (Facial as well). I remember, I believe it was Madden ’08 Maurice Jones-Drew had dreads but he cut his hair (in real life) I believe prior to that season and I had to look at Jones-Drew the whole year with dreads (annoying). No problem, you would think  Madden ’09 would reflect his new look right? Nope, was not the case — same thing! I don’t know if EA forgot or it was an oversight but now I had to go two years looking at an unrealistic Jones-Drew, and there  are many examples that are similar. If we could go in ourselves and do it, ala PS2 era — problem solved.

I remember one of my favorite things I did was, remember that QB for the NY Giants? He had a heck of an arm and was athletic but was also fat, yeah Jared Lorenzen aka “Pillsbury Throwboy”,aka “QBese”, aka “Hefty Lefty”,  aka “Quarter (got) back”. Well EA initially had him looking like a regular ol’ skinny quarterback. I went in there and with the customized tools added his “true” weight. I made him look like himself, I was so proud of it. I was hoping Eli got hurt just to play with him, or see the reaction of someone elses face seeing a QB that fat — but that athletic. Can’t do that anymore (sighs). Bringing this back will ensure we don’t have to wait a whole year, or even a whole week for a fix.

Jared Lorenzen

Now the personnel: My request

I love Gameflow (I think everybody should use it)  and now mixed in is customized playbooks — love it! However what’s missing is this, in real games when teams are game planning they’re not only game planning the plays but also game planning who will run said plays. Currently I can’t pinpoint which player does what. Allowing such a feature will take Game Planning to another level.

Also using the mic thing, pretending you’re a QB getting the play call in (very cool) but I believe you took away the feature completely when you should’ve enhanced it. The problem with it was you could only enjoy that feature alone, next gen systems should allow you to hook up two mics or two bluetooths’ for local play.

Why you might just want this too:

For instance, I want to run a double reverse but my #1 and #2 receivers are “possession receivers” I want to run this particular play with my 5th string WR who has 97 speed, currently  I’m not allowed to do this. I want the player to already be preset to run this play instead of having to go into the playbook find the play and then insert said player. With Gameflow you can’t accomplish this, and yeah, like I said,  I could go into my playbook and do it while in the game but it’s still not the same. Coaches, for the most part don’t take a uh…uh…uh “You! Run this play!” approach.

In the NFL, before a team goes into a game they know who they’re running the play with. With the PS2, EA had a system called “Global Substitutions” (problem solved) where you can decide who runs what, on what play — special teams included, you should really look into bringing this back. But really the goal should be that it works hand in hand with custom playbooks and preset audibles.

Also this would resolve a glaring issue when it comes to substitutions in general. Currently if I bench one of my starters — say a Patrick Willis, he would then be playing Special Teams, a Global Substitution-like system will ensure that PW never plays in that aspect of the game —  unless I want him to.

Another reason it should take place before I even go into a game is it would save time for me setting up my team in-game and potentially frustrating an opponent and me having to do it every single game I play (which may be the reason EA removed  it in the first place).

But cleverly I came upon something even better that may be amazing! What if saving formations was incorporated  into practice mode!

I came up with this idea because I was playing in practice mode, trying different formations with different players and when I was ready to go into a real game I said to myself, “Self, what if I could save the formations and personnel I just practiced with?” Sound familiar? Yeah, like an NFL coach at a NFL practice maybe? This would be epic!

This does so many things; it unifies the system, it allows a mode EA worked so hard on to be more often utilized, it allows you — the player to have more  fun and be creative with it and most importantly it will mimic real life football simulation — Wowsers.

Camera (Keep it close): My request

I need a Universal Camera Mode!

I use to focus more on requesting to fix the “zoom” camera, aka my favorite camera mode (Btw last year’s zoom mode was horrible! Unplayable even!). But I’m a team player so I should be focused on the camera mode in general,  plus I had to get down to the “nitty-gritty” on why I like the zoom camera so much in the first place. It’s because I felt that particular camera mode was the camera that got me closest to the action.

Over the years EA has gotten better and better with implementing an NFL-like camera system but I still feel there are some tweaks that need to be done, namely in the passing game and break-away plays. I see in running plays the camera zooms in more and more the longer the play goes; perfect! But the passing game needs that love too especially on jump balls. On those type of  plays the camera should increasingly zoom in —  as that is a long developing play and could and should be taking advantage of.

As far as break-away plays the camera should definitely be as close on the player as possible, it’s one of the few plays when it’s just you, all alone, therefore no reason to back the camera up. If it’s a guy threatening to catch you from behind so be it, but if not give the player the glory he deserves.

Why you might just want this too:

I know how annoying it could be to play in one camera mode for so long and then have to adjust when friends come over, now a argument ensues on what camera angle we should play in. What solves this is a universal camera that brings the balance of seeing the whole field — when needed (QB,MLB,S) but at the same time bringing that in-close action.

Now I realize it’s almost impossible to please everyone and I’m not saying take away player’s options (I think all camera modes should still be available) but I do see a healthy dose of Madden players embracing a mode that we could agree on, especially if it’s based on real NFL camera angles.

Handling Interceptions and Fumbles: My request

Please tell me you  removed “slow-motion” interceptions and fumbles for the next gen version of  Madden. It should be removed from this and all future Madden’s, never to be seen or heard from again, lmbooooo.

And what happened to the good ole pile up?

Why you might just want this too:

Don’t you want simulation football? And in simulation football that style of gameplay is unacceptable! Having slow-motion effects not only allows an opponent to unrealistically recover and see the field to potentially make a play, it makes the game arcadey and cheesy.

Unlocking All positions, All ratings, for All players: My request

All players should be able to play all positions regardless of what we think we know about them or what position they primarily play. I can’t count how many times players have played multiple positions in real-life but couldn’t be duplicated in Madden. I wanted to use my DT as a FB but couldn’t I wanted to use my receiver as a quarterback and vice versa but couldn’t.

And just because a player has a primary position doesn’t mean “irrelevant” ratings should be locked out.

Why you might just want this too:

Because as we know in today’s NFL players are very diverse and to limit them based on a stereotype is not simulation. For instance Chad Ochocinco, as we found out a couple of years back is a heck of a kicker, he can kickoff and has good leg power and can kick extra points, but he’s a receiver he should not be allowed right? Wrong, what if I want to use Chad as my emergency backup kicker?

Chad Ochocinco kicks extra point and kicks off

Now provided, EA does have some form of this. TE’s can play WR, CB’s can play WR and vice versa but they need to take this further and unlock every position for every player. If I want to make my Left Tackle play safety I should be able to do that (albeit consequences — getting burned). Heck, Troy Polamalu played the Running Back position on kneel down plays. Look at Percy Harvin and Randall Cobb who has played running back on set plays.

Worried about exploits? That’s where ratings come in, my receiver will have limitations at QB (unless of course he is that talented). I actually don’t mind exploits, heck the NFL is built on exploits! Michael Vick is a full-blown, living-breathing exploit with that arm and that speed. The wild-cat is an exploit, The read-option is an exploit, but it’s our job — much like in real-life to figure out how to exploit the exploits, lmbooooo.

Which leads me to; bring back all ratings for all players. I saw where EA was going with it, probably directly from community feedback, making a case that  logically it doesn’t make sense if you’re a Lineman, for things like catching and kicking  to be a part of their attribute makeup —  because it’s not required for the position. However what  if we want to make a Lineman  an eligible receiver? Which we’ve seen numerous times. Suppose he was a former TE like Joe Staley (49er) was?  Now he has no attributes to represent how he performs on the field. He could actually have the best hands on the team but will never play like it.

I had  a conversation on Facebook about this and we came up with this resolve, since people want the ratings relevant to the position, why not list those first and then everything else after or/and allow us to customize what attributes we want to go first, second, third etc. So now the ratings that matter most are more streamlined than ever, while preserving every attribute a football player can have — regardless of position.

Other requests:

  • Body catching animations – every player doesn’t catch with their hands, even the ones that do don’t all the time
  • Bring back defensive assignments – putting that #1 CB on a #1 WR is huge in this game we call football
  • Bring back the ability to add experience (how many years a player’s been in the league/how old they are) in create-a-player, I don’t even know why it was taking out in the first place
  • Include All the penalties in the NFL like illegal contact, illegal hands to the face, horse collar etc.
  • Let defensive and offensive PI really be a factor in the next gen
  • Fumble pile up with the refs digging the players out
  • more double catching animations
  •  Have Refs miss calls from time to time
  • Replays after every touchdown or turnover just like you see on Sundays
  • Fix players still going through (clipping) each other
  • Give us the ability to bring playbooks,concepts, settings,  rosters, etc. online
  • PUP list
  • Everything dynamic – cleats come off, jerseys ripping or coming out of tights from time to time, towels falling off (time to time) ability to grab hair or jerseys –  which can create horse collar penalties, grass in helmet, visible sweat —  sweat through jerseys, socks sliding down (Frank Gore’s is always coming down lol I think he even got  fined)

  • Fines
  • Nike gloves and apparel to reflect the “new look” NFL

Stay tuned for part 2. CCU wants to hear from you.

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