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LOL: Anybody Else Notice That Prequels Are More Advanced Than Sequels?

I’m saying to myself why don’t these prequels really  feel like prequels? And it hit me these prequels for the most part are always more advanced than the sequels.

Have you noticed that too?

Batman Arkham series, Metal Gear Solid, God of War are some of the games that come to mind that suffer from this issue. For the most part any game attempting to do a prequel always has the one or two or even more features that supersede their sequels because it’s made after, thus technology and ideas got better so the the next one will surely bound to benefit. Problem with that though is when it comes to prequels and matters of gameplay it’s not suppose to get better!

In Batman Arkham Origins you had more gadgets and more advanced gadgets in that game than you did in Arkham Asylum!  Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes,  gameplay upgrades include such as an IDroid!? Where were these in the sequels to follow? God of War Ascension; you can now use your bare hands in combat and tether your blades to enemies.

In all of those cases to do a “true” prequel, to make it feel and look believable, the games gamplay should really be stripped down and feel naked and bare.

I think Batman as an example could’ve really took advantage and capitalized off of going in that direction, especially because WB Games already promoted that the game would feature a “younger, rawer” Batman.  They already had us gamers thinking about a less souped-up Batman so I don’t think they would’ve hurt the game at all making the Dark Knight feel new to crime fighting via gameplay in fact I think it would’ve done the opposite — enhanced the experience.

WB should have not been afraid of “gimping” the gameplay as WB developer hinted in an video interview with Eurogamer “gameplay first” is what the developer touted in their reason for making Batman have more advanced tech in Origins than he did in the Arkham’s to follow.

Imagine if you will though, for example him only having the Batarang and grappling hook in his arsenal to start off, with his batsuit extremely generic making it more vulnerable to attacks then every mission he embarked on or crime he tried to prevent he learned something new that he could add to the suit or gadget he could create to prevent being stuck if those situations ever arose again.

Kind of like how it was done with the ‘The Dark Knight’, in the movie Bats learned in that first scene going out to prevent crime his suit was vulnerable to knife attacks and dog bites, he also learned that his armor was too heavy and would precede to build a suit to prevent such a recurrence.

And let’s not even talk God of War, I’m still waiting for Sony Santa Monica to deliver and bring a true prequel to the franchise because in my opinion they dropped the ball on ‘Ascension’. Not that it was a horrible game per se it just was not the prequel that should’ve been delivered story wise, let alone gameplay.

I think I’ll do a whole separate article on how I feel about that.

All in all I think developers should reconsider the way they do prequels and take a chance; to not be afraid of community backlash they may just be surprised on how the community will actually embrace it.

Just to add too, gameplay of course is not the only thing that can go into making a great prequel feel like a prequel; story, look of character, setting, are all other things that drive it home.

How do you feel about prequels being more advanced than sequels CCU wants to hear from you.



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