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Keeping your PS3/360 plugged in: Good point IGN now let me add to that

IGN recently wrote an article compiling a list of some of the great games coming out, and stated for this reason we as gamers shouldn’t be in such a rush to toss our current consoles to the side — which are indeed great reasons.

I personally see that realization in my own gaming life as the back half of this year is filled with games I want. Every month leading up to the next generation I want at least one title; Splinter Cell: Blacklist in August, (Madden NFL 25 would’ve been included but I think I’ll wait for the next gen version) Grand Theft Auto V in September, Batman: Arkham Origins in October,  Beyond: Two Souls in October then boom! Next Generation starts in November (allegedly :)). Actually these games force my current console to remain relevant (should be a nice send off too).

But I thought the article was going in a different direction and well…since it didn’t, allow me to add to that.

I thought the article was going to be based on some sort of comparison like, “Before you rush off to get Call of Duty: Ghosts for next gen you might want to consider buying Call of Duty: Ghosts for current gen instead” and list all the reasons why. Out of the 11 reasons they gave for keeping our current consoles plugged in I thought one reason that would be mentioned is the considering of the gaming community — the online gaming community’s presence, if you will.

That’s a reason I hadn’t previously considered, maybe because I have a single player gamer’s mindset? But a reason nonetheless that stands out to me. How migrated will the gaming community be in the first few months of next gen anyway? You’ll probably have a better time buying the current gen version of a game; playing it safe with the 70+ million instead of taking a chance playing with the few people in next gen, resulting in inconsistencies in your attempts to get into a match.

I know there are probably a lot of pre orders out there and demand is sky-high but there is also a lot of people that is content on waiting a few months, until next year or even later to adopt. And even if the PS4 and Xbox One “blows it out” in sales, it still will not match those numbers, so essentially even at its best you’re still settling and increasing your chance to be disappointed.

I look at the PS4 and Xbox One as a “single player gamer’s console” in the first few months to a year not a “multi player gamer’s console”.

And even as much as a single player gamer I am, I can’t turn a blind eye and not recognize I live in a multiplayer gamer’s world which means most gamers and I’ll even include myself  in some instances are going to be concerned and more importantly affected by the online gaming community or lack thereof, as a whole  which in turn affect their buying decisions when applicable. And oh boy! How disappointed will a PS4 owner be if  expecting to get the same online experience they’re accustomed to — oh by the way now has to pay to play but there is hardly anyone to play with?

When the current gen and next gen offer the same game what as a gamer do you do? Go for better graphics, smoother gameplay and more content or a more stable online community?  COD: Ghosts is probably the perfect game to test what gamers covet more especially because COD in general is viewed and approached as a MP game. Are those that are fans of COD going to give up the ultimate online experience for an upgrade visually? That would be interesting to see how it plays out (no pun).

I mentioned earlier I want Madden 25 for next gen, now with the hope that EA fixed some of things I’ve been asking for I’ll be online heavy. So I have to ask myself the same question will there be enough people online to play with? I don’t know. That would be humorously ironic that the first year I decide online is worth my time there will be no one to play against.

So again while IGN went in a different direction as reasons for now to keep your current gen console/s around — the upcoming games, it also might be better for those who are looking for a healthy populated online experience to not be so quick to toss them to the side and go with the current gen versions of games for now.

Agree? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. If you think no one will be playing games like COD or Madden on the next-gen consoles, then you must have been born yesterday. Since you are claiming to be an “online heavy” player, you seem to respect the competitive nature of gaming. And if you are going to get the last-gen version of the game while being able to get the next-gen edition, then you are disrespecting the same principles you believe in. Games like COD/Madden (yearly editions) should give you incentive to get the next-gen editions as they have been milked as much as they can be on current gen consoles.

    • No, you misunderstood me. I said I would go “online heavy” if certain things got fixed; that quote is only specific to Madden btw. And my point was I’m single player first so It wouldn’t affect me as much, however I could see how someone could be torn between 2 versions having to choose between current gen incredible install base or rely on the initial sales of next gen and not just initial sales but how many out of those initial sales is buying the same game they’re buying.

      But either way you slice it the numbers can’t compare.

      Games like Madden and COD have been milked so when you upgrade since you’re basically getting the same game, you’re essentially saying it’s not about the online community you just want it to look and play better (that’s a single player gamer’s mindset).

      And I do feel ppl will buy those games on the next consoles but will it be enough to sustain itself or give you a better experience? Esp. with Madden, with gamers losing more and more faith in the product with each passing year. Not to mention the game is coming out at the end of the football season, some people might just wait til nx year if they didnt already buy the current gen version. And not even counting the fact that those that go the PS4 route have to pay, when they were use to getting the service for free, so they have to not only early adopt the PS4 they have to early adopt PSN plus too.

  2. one of the top pre orders for next gen consoles are Battlefield 4, COD ghost .. top system exclusive preorders ps4- one Forza… guess what players get those for “online multiplayer”

    look at the day 1 release games… more than half of the games being released are shooters,sports,and racing…

    and what does psn+ has to do with anything.. xbox live is a paid subscription also.. next gen consoles are $400+.. what is stopping them from getting psn+?

    • Well I was talking PS3 to PS4 specifically because some gamers that are not use to paying may A) Protest or B) cant afford it at least initially.
      But Even on Xbox live there is not a 100% subscribers.

      But let’s look at the numbers let’s say both consoles do phenomenal and do one million each the first month or even the first week. then lets say half of those get COD which is 500,000 lets say out of that 500,000 275,000 get PS Plus are we really going to compare that to the 12-20 million that get COD every year on current consoles?

      Look I acknowledged that pre orders are high but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that 70+ million is 70+ million! No console launch is going to be able to compete with that.

      But that’s why I put it out there most gamers at the end of the day may indeed take the online population “lost” if it means getting the definitive version of a game. I’m cool with that. It was just something to consider and I wondered what gamers would do when faced with that situation.

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