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Just Dance 3 has ‘Just Create’ mode for Kinect

Source: Shack News

Just Dance has become the definitive dance franchise on the Wii, a fact it proudly displays on its latest Kinect-oriented trailer by declaring itself “the world’s #1 dance game brand.” But, will brand recognition be enough for Ubisoft’s upcoming Just Dance 3 when it launches on Kinect, especially when it has to compete against the Kinect-exclusive Dance Central 2?

Features like “Just Create” and “Four Player Mode” might just give Ubisoft the leg up.

“Just Create” is easily the most exciting feature on display in this new trailer. According to a press release, the mode will let you “create and record” choreography for dances, and share it with friends online via social networks. The video only briefly demonstrates the mode, which has us wondering about the technical and legal limitations of the mode. Can you create a routine for the entire song? How can you distribute it online? Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not return our request for answers.

Just Dance 3 will be available on October 11th for Wii, PlayStation Move, and of course, Kinect.

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