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Is Netflix growth indicative of where we stand in gaming?

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Call of Duty(lmboooo), Netflix, Netflix, Netflix….that’s how my friend’s list would look if you log into my PSN account.

I not to long ago wrote the article “The best video game of this generation? Netflix” (you can read it here) where I poked fun at the fact that Netflix is being so used — evidenced through my friends list, that it’s overtaking gamers time, on games being played, on a primary gaming machine. But now as look further into this matter as to why this may be the case I started to look at gaming recently —  specifically this year and noticed that it is kind of dry out there. Very few blockbuster titles (if any) has graced us, at least for the first half of the year. Which led me to explore the fact that gamers maybe coming to their gaming machines and have nothing to play other than what they’ve been playing and are looking for alternatives. That’s when it hit me, there maybe a direct correlation between little to no amazing games being released and increase Netflix use.

Why I looked at this theory is because I went to the other extreme and couldn’t justify Netflix increased use being the same. Now imagine during this period — that many refer to as the “dry period” games like Tomb Raider (Reboot), Resident Evil 6, The Last of US, Gears of War 4, GTA5, Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Black List, Call of Duty: Black ops 2, God of War 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3 were all coming out or were out would Netflix get this much love? Everything in me leans to no. Another theory I looked at is, this Netflix phenomena that it is today (of course just speaking of it’s incorporation into consoles)went from a slow burn to a raging boil but what made it go into a raging boil? In the beginning you may have found gamers who were curious as to how Netflix would work on their consoles on display throughout your friends list but it definitely was not the majority, now, on any given day I may find 90% of my friends list engulfed with their Netflix option.



So is it the juggernaut Netflix being so powerful and addictive that it overtakes our game use? Or is it the games that are not coming with the quality we seek at this point, with Netflix  just being a strong alternative? Also as I indicated in the beginning I only speak on the PS3 side of things for you Xbox 360 users do you experience the same phenomena? CCU wants to hear from you.

Side note* Now this articles intent is not to bash Netflix, I love Netflix I was just curious as to why on a primary gaming machine Netflix dominates our attention.

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  1. I have also noticed this same situation, although, not to the extent of 90% of my friends like mentioned in the article. However, I can say that my PS3 is being used 90% of the time for Netflix. The reason is not for lack of games to play; I have a backlog of at least 6 games that I haven’t even placed in my PS3 yet. The extended use of Netflix in my household is due to the fact that the PS3 is the entertainment hub for my family. We recently dropped our satellite provider due to the rising costs and that we barely watched anything of importance. I, for one, never watch TV anymore as the time I set aside for that type of entertainment is used, primarily, to play games. My wife only watched cooking shows, and my son would rather watch Netflix. All of the shows that my wife would DVR (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, etc) could be watched on Hulu+. We decided to drop the satellite service ($90/mo) and subscribe to Hulu+ ($10/mo). Now, all the TV programming is watched on the PS3 through Netflix and Hulu+. Perhaps there are other households using the same means to consume TV programming. This may lead to the reason for the higher percentage of friends on Netflix. The gamer of the household may not be the one logged in; it may be other family memebers.

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