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If the roles were reversed would it be Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference left off Spike?

I just recently wrote “No Sony E3 Press Conference on Spike…again — here’s why” in which I tackle the issue of …as the title suggests the no show coverage regarding Sony’s E3 press conference and why this is possibly the case.

I brought up last years quotes from Geoff Keighley  pertaining to a deal not getting done as well as quotes from a commenter who brought up facts pertaining to a Partnership between Viacom and Microsoft. But now it seems that the buzz is heavy concerning the gaming community, looking for the real reason as to  “why” there is no Sony representation — brought on by Keighley himself with a new quote for the reason for this years absence of Sony.

In a conversation via tweets here’s what was said:

Tony Thompson @tbon3man25
@geoffkeighley then why are you not showing the Sony Conference live on spike like the Microsoft Conference. getting paid by microsoft!
Geoff Keighley @geoffkeighley  
@tbon3man25 Great conspiracy theory but it’s not correct. Sony’s press conference is in primetime, and we can’t run a press conf then


Fine! We finally get some clarity right? We accept that right? Unfortunate but understandable right? No! gamers don’t accept it. So now the conspiracy theories  fly. Why? Why? Why?  The Gaming Community is not satisfied with the answers their receiving, possibly because they feel they are getting the “PR talk”.

Generally when TV networks talk “Primetime” they’re talking “big shows” with “big rating” potential. But apparently some gamers must’ve did some digging themselves and realized two airings of  ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’ will be shown instead, back to back mind you — a movie not necessarily seen in the eyes of gamers as “big money” ratings. Shoo! I was even feeling that surely this E3 Sony event is big enough to gain satisfactory ratings, especially now knowing their competition is Dodgeball — some commenter even bringing up that servers get crashed behind gamers trying to stream the event, indicating that ratings will do just fine.

So in light of all this the first thing I think to myself is what if the roles were reversed? Would I be writing about Microsoft’s conference not being aired instead of Sony’s? I mean c’mon! Let’s really think about the magnitude of that theory and question. How crazy would that be if Microsoft —  by the way who is partners with Viacom which owns Spike,  didn’t get aired? I think that’s a hard sell to get gamers to believe that if such a scenario were to arise it would indeed play out that way.

But no sooner that I think this, as I scroll through more tweets in genius fashion @tarbis says:

Stanley Yu @tarbis  
@geoffkeighley @tbon3man25 If Microsoft’s conference is in primetime. Will you cancel your other programs just to show it?


I couldn’t have said it better myself Tarbis, talk about channeling the same thoughts — and that my fellow gamers is the million dollar question.

So I ask “If the roles were reversed would it be Microsoft’s E3 Conference left off Spike?” CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Bunch of babies! if sony wants their conference aired they should find someone to air it! shouldn’t be hard they do own sony pictures, Are they too cheap to pay somebody, or do they not care about the american audience like u idiots think they do i bet the Tokyo game show is aired by sony, anyway u little babies just watch the show live streamed from the internet it’s free, why u think g4tv ain’t around no more !

  2. You have no idea how tv works if you think prime time tv works so easy…. deals do have to be done, and they probably did not come up with the right deal. primetime tv is alot more important to networks. this flame bait article is a shame, it lacks merit, knowledge, and hints at sony biase.

    • No flame bait, No bias just putting thoughts I gathered from the community to paper.

      This is a community article. Yall wrote this :).

  3. What you guys don’t get, is that Microsoft was way prepared for this like 3 or 2 years ahead. While Sony and Nintendo was doing their shows on n4g. You guys really need to get over yourself and find somebody’s else to pick on.

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