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I have a rule…single player first, then multiplayer — whats yours?

Playing The Last of Us (day one purchase) single player campaign I was probably not even a 4th of the way in and I received  an invite from one of my PSN friends inviting me to the games’ multiplayer mode, that invite soon turned to two, three, maybe even four; from other PSN friends. As the invitee I had to tell all the inviters the same; “I’m still playing single player but as soon as I finish I’ll join you”. That’s when the realization hit me once again on what type of gamer I am.

You see, I have a rule ladies and gentlemen, a unwritten rule but a rule nonetheless and that rule is single player first then multiplayer. Which essentially means I will not play one lick of MP until I have finished the SP portion of my games. It’s a decision/rule I  subconsciously or consciously made a long time ago about how I would play the  games that had both modes in it, which by the way seems like soon all games will have both SP and MP modes. The days of just having SP is going the way of the dinosaur — fast!

My PSN friends told me (without telling me) all I needed to know in the way they approached TLoU; maybe even games in general; that they don’t mind jumping on MP whenever the opportunity presented itself. The invite actually shocked me because in my own little world I’m thinking “This is how everyone thinks right?”,  “Everyone wants to play the SP first and then we would somehow all meetup  in MP when we’re through right?”,  No, they were content jumping into MP almost immediately if not immediately. My narrow mindedness produced my reaction once again, maybe because I don’t want to believe how some gamers can do that.

Funny thing is I already knew this was how some gamers approach their games. I’ve had plenty of “experience ” 🙂 with all my Call of Duty friends jumping straight into MP, heck some even buying it just for MP! Not to mention the countless other games, podcasts, conversations and articles I’ve seen, listened to, read or had, that backed up the same rule… I just personally don’t get it.

How some gamers day one can jump straight to multi, or go back and forth from single to multi before at least doing their first runthrough, or disregarding the SP altogether intrigues me. I have yet to experience neither because I’m built differently. I love to have an uninterrupted, deep, engaging SP experience; then, and only then can I move on to MP. When it comes to this rule I have a laser-like focus. I don’t even play other games really when I get my hands on a blockbuster, story driven title —  which I get quite often.

I look at MP as something extra, something you can do anytime that has no real purpose, a add-on if you will that allows you to have fun after the “show” is over. I liken it to buying a blu-ray movie that comes with deleted scenes or interviews and watching that first. I personally wouldn’t watch those before I watched the movie itself, not to mention doing so presents self inflicted spoilers. In gaming’s case you’re usually running through maps or being introduced to characters that’s associated with the main campaign — that you have yet to play.

Do you as a gamer jump straight into MP first, straight out the package and worry about single player later? Or are you like me and it’s a absolute must to finish SP first before touching MP? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Dont worry i feel the same way to, its always singleplayer first then multi

  2. It really depend on which game it is to be honest..

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