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I give up…Call of Duty 12.3 million in a week? They’re their only competition

I can imagine this coming out of any developers mouth that works on games not named Call of Duty. But Jeez louise! As I read that very newsworthy piece of information..I had to chime in with that very quote.

Once again Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Activision collaborate to make history once again, selling 12.3 million units and grossing 775 million in the first week! Which continues to prove they’re their only competition entering record books once again and after each release, surpass the former games  accomplishments under the franchise name.

Now make no mistake this article is solely based on sales and sales alone this has nothing to do with quality or graphics or story, (even though it may just be the best competitive multiplayer of all time) just the notion that sales wise it can’t be touched and is well on it’s way to becoming the biggest selling game of all time — again! — what was the former biggest selling game of all time, oh yeah that’s right another Call of Duty game — last years Blackops — see the point.

Now how does the Call of Duty franchise continue to do these monstrous numbers? For the amount of complaints I hear, “Oh the game is glitchy”, “Oh the game is not innovative”, “Oh the games single player is bland”, “Oh it’s the same game every year”. You would think sales would dwindle each year or at least stay the same but no! It grows each year, destroying it’s own numbers set the previous year! Unbelievable!

Now here’s where I would like to take this…The Call of Duty franchise  clearly has it’s hands firmly grasped around the game industries neck and won’t let go but what game, if any do you think has the potential to take it out? What will be the “Call of Duty Killa”? Because as the circle of life predicts, Call of Duty knocked out the the likes of Mario, Pokemon, and even the great Halo and it’s more than likely it will one day itself be knocked out — but by whom? This is  a question I pose to the gaming community and CCU wants to hear from you.

Right now though there seems to be no one in sight until they possibly take themselves out next year around this time. Someone should draw a picture of Call of Duty Knocking itself out — I could see it now — Call of Duty knocks out Call of Duty, now that would be hilarious! CCU Out!

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  1. yes it sold alot but most of the peolpe that bought it is cryin that its the same game from the year before. sellin more doesnt mean its the best remember that ill take quality over quantity any day. bf3 win that this year!!!!

    • correction stupid trolls like you who have not played the game and troll on metacritic showing how many stupid people out there think they are “pseudointelectuals” when they dont know SH**.

  2. It’s sad. Publishers see thse numbers and go “be more like COD.” Unique games become rarer each year while shooters oversaturate the shelves.

  3. Yea, i think everyone is jus wishing for a little innovation and creativity these days. All i want from a game, interesting new mechanics – at least building upon old one’s if it has a predicesor. I dont pity Cod fans, I mean they know what they r getting into, but personally with skyrim in my desktop right now id hope rpg’s gain some ground soon. I think they have the most room to explore ideas conceptually – thinking of El Shaddai, but yea, hopefully somethin new next year.

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