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I am now officially excited about Batman: Arkham Origins

I said I’d pass but now….

I’m all over this title.

When Batman: Arkham Origins was first introduced I almost immediately disregarded it, based on the “rumored” details that circulated at the time. Details being thrown around like black and white,  a prequel based on the “Silver Age” of comics, Batman 1960′s comic book Noir art style,  and the big one…NO ROCKSTEADY! The developers behind the first two Batman’s this generation; Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City is not involved? I don’t know about you but the above details painted a picture that left me super skeptical.

Can’t lie, no Rocksteady, along with this less than flattering information led me to believe this game was going to suck. I thought this game was going to go back 50 years into Batman’s lengthy history —  to a time when I didn’t know Batman, play completely different than its predecessors, batsuit was going to look cartoony and that the entire game was going to be in black and white. It’s safe to say that’s not the Batman game I want to embrace.

But being the gamer that I am I still decided to withhold judgement until I received some more details and saw some gameplay, plus I really wanted to like this new entry 🙂 . Then came the “creeping” of new info: Teasers, teaser to the teaser and mini plot leaks but that was still not enough for me, I needed more.

Finally came the trailers I was waiting for, the trailers that would convince me to finally believe in this game, the trailers that would get me to settle on purchasing this game.

First was the Batman: Arkham Origins Official Trailer, and although that trailer was completely done in CG it gave me a sense of where WB Montreal was taking it, (Gosh I wish the game looked like that, next-gen right?) a very well put together trailer might I add. Next it was the E3 Gameplay Trailer and although the gameplay was heavily scripted — not in real-time, instead choosing to show it in slow-motion, it now all but confirmed it would play like its predecessors. Overall both trailers gave me what I wanted — a familiarity; a visual that supported the rumored plot — which played out perfectly, but most importantly it quelled all my preconceived feelings that I started with.

Then I saw the gameplay- gameplay — live, in action, in real-time which undoubtedly tells me the foundation is there, now all WB Montreal has to do is execute.

And now releasing the Copperhead trailer! Actually with each releasing trailer I build more and more confidence that this game is going to be the quality I expect.

Whew! A sigh of relief, it looks just like the previous two which is huge! And the suit, oh my! It might just be the best looking Batsuit in the series, ( here’s hoping we get those movie batsuits) the cast of characters look to be amazing and this new rumor of Batgirl making an appearance all the more adds to my excitement.

The Story/Plot/Setting

Now on top of just getting past “Oh! It’s the same game aesthetically? Thank God!”, alone wasn’t enough for me, I’m big on story so I needed to be sold on that too. WB Montreal seems to be handling this aspect great as well.

The idea of  8 assassin’s coming to kill Batman on a snowy Christmas Eve for a 50 million dollar bounty that ‘Black Mask’ put up sounds like a great plot and has the makings of a great story. A prequel only going back 5 years, (not the rumored “Silver Age”) before the events of  Arkham Asylum, now that’s a game I could get behind. What exactly did happen and what were the events that led to “Arkham Asylum” in the first place is a game that intrigues. The ‘Batwing’ being readily accessible albeit via  a “fast travel” cut scene should be a nice addition as well.

Now what about the rumor of Batman supposedly encountering a lot of his known enemies for the first time? From what I see and the new info it doesn’t necessarily set that stage. Which begs the question did WB Montreal enter developement with these rumored details scrap it and then decided to take the blueprint of the previous Batman’s?

Ultimately hats off  to WB Montreal for keeping the “formula” and trying to improve on it and because they’re the company behind the Batman movies it should add to the game, in terms of knowledge and depth, cant wait!

Are you excited about Batman: Arkham Origins? Were you skeptical like me in the beginning but now embrace it? CCU wants to hear from you.

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