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How real life weather can positively affect your gameplay (Trust you have to try it)

Tell me if any of you gamers ever experienced this.

You’re playing a game that features weather, whether (you like that?)  it’s rain, snow, wind, sunny, or freezing and the day you happen to play this game, the real weather outside matches it. Not only that but because of the weather outside it makes you feel — literally —  through your own body what you imagine the character you’re controlling feels.

No? Well I had a real-world situation where this happened to me. I vividly remember playing Heavy Rain and guess what? Yep! It was heavily raining outside in real life. It also was cold in this particular scene and it was cold in real life too! I literally felt the rain drops come through my window and hit me while the cold air sent a distinctive chill up my spine that only real life weather could bring. I felt like I was really in the scene — like for real, for real. I got that cold, wet feeling it seemed my character was experiencing  — talk about immersion!

It’s funny, a friend that I was trying to get to jump on the Multiplayer of God of War: Ascension  said they could only give me a little bit of time because of the immense heatwave being caused by the summer’s weather (No AC) interestingly enough also had this to say, which shows I’m not the only one, I’m not crazy; they had experienced something similar:

I knew exactly what she was talking about because I had a similar experience. I played Uncharted 3  one day when it was hot and windy outside in real life and no lie I felt the hot, unforgiving wind brush against my face, I might have even been sweating. It was the craziest thing because here I am supposed to be agitated from the heat but in a twisted way I loved it because it help me get into character and added to my overall gaming experience.

By the way you have to love how she still refers to the desert chapter as a “board” —  salute! You old school gamer you.

Let’s face it developers are always trying to find ways to make us more immersed in our games, outside of graphics and gameplay or even storytelling. Whether it’s through weather (you like that?)  Rumble, Motion controls, 3D, or accessories like guns, gun attachments, combat vests etc. And although some of the previously mentioned can give you the “look” and result of real weather, ie snowflakes catching on your characters jacket or footprints, it could never give you the “feel” of real weather, ie a chill from feeling cold, getting wet from rain, or hot wind hitting your face.

I, albeit by accident organically created an immersive experience that could set the tone for the future of gaming. If a developer could somehow pull this off and make a device that can mimic those type of capabilities in the future, even though it would be manufactured would truly change gaming forever.

Now, I’m not saying drive yourself crazy and start playing your games only on the day when the outside whether matches, but there could come a day that you’re playing on the kind of day that matches the weather in the game you’re playing. But I do suggest you try it, it’s unbelievable how such a organic, non related (but related) element (no pun) can give you that extra immersion.

Have you ever had this experience? If you have share about it, if you haven’t you have to try it; get back to me; let me know how it went.

CCU wants to hear from you.

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