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Hideo Kojima — Behind the concept of “Rising” Trailer

Hideo Kojima took to twitter to talk about the concept behind the trailer of Metal Gear Rising.

Kojima for a while now has been very open about him wanting to penetrate the Western Market and make more “Western friendly” titles moving forward. With the Trailer the idea was to depict “the sword meets the gun”, doing a blend of  Japan and Western gameplay, which you can see displayed in the trailer — an army team running into a confrontation with Raiden (the main character) a cyborg ninja.

Here’s the direct quote from his tweet:

Behind the concept of “RISING” trailer. Perceiving from western market, obviously we, Japanese production has been struggling. Getting into the biggest TV program w/one sword as a Japanese in such weapon oriented country, gives image of the scene where east & west in Japan w/Samurai dignity confronting westerner w/guns.”

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