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Hey Bethesda can I get a patch please? Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim needs a patch




I’m looking to get into the Elder Scrolls franchise, you see I’m new to the franchise and I’ve been keeping my eye on Bethesda’s newest title the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Safe to say I’ve been doing my homework so I wouldn’t get Review-itis (a reference to my previous article).

In doing my homework I came across an IGN review of the game done by  Charles Onyett and I was disapointed by what I heard. He talked about the games 3rd person view and how the game animations were a bit off. You may ask, SchollA  why are you  disappointed? The game is made to be played in first person. Aha now that’s where I have to explain my background.

I’m a 3rd person gamer hands down! I don’t do  1st  person at all. Initially that would have been the make or break factor in me buying the game but when I heard it supports 3rd person it reeled me back in. But to hear that the animations are not up to par sorely disappoints me.  I’m sitting back getting info on the games epic-ness while telling everybody who was encouraging me to give the game a try that if they announce werewolves I’m sold! You see I’m a big werewolf fan (Another background check) and when it was leaked that this was so, I was gearing up to jump on the Skyrim bandwagon, lmbo (laughing my but off). I told them the first thing I’m doing as soon as the game is booted up is  run out into the woods to get bitten. “BITE ME!” Was my reply, couldn’t wait!

Now here’s where the patch comes in — I need Bethesda to go on in and patch the animation issue because if I can get an uninterupted experience in third person view I’ll be set. On our podcasts we have this segment called “Letta 4 da betta” which is a segment where  we have audio letters to developers of our favorite games or games in general.

So consider this my letter to Bethesda:

Dear Bethesda,

You gave me werewolves, now I need to be assured that my 3rd person adventures won’t damper the experience.



P.S. Trust me I’ll love you for it.

Now this feedback about ‘less than perfect’ animations came from IGN has anybody else experience similiar? Let me know…CCU wants to hear from you. Thanks CCU out!


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  1. Let us be clear. The animation for your character can be improved, but the NPCs are just fine. They way the walk up and down steps are the way you would expect. If they get mauled or scared by animal the same animations seem real to me. It is only your character that has some issues with the animations in 3rd person and it isn’t all of them. Considering the size and scope of the game I suspect they consider your character animations way down the list of things to fix if at all.

  2. Have you played 3rd person yet… or seen it? its really good, better than games like dark souls etc

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