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HD remake of the PSP God of War for PS3

From Eurogamer-Translated:

China Sony today announced that the two God of War titles for the PSP, then God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War: Ghost of Sparta come 7th on the PlayStation Network July 2011, as reports The Magic Box.

Both titles appear on the PlayStation Network under the name of God of War Portable Collection. I play to get the appropriate care – improved the graphics in both cases, a much higher resolution.

Games will be on the PlayStation Network in English and Chinese. Portable God of War Collection is currently only announced in local markets, and American or European PSN has not been heard not a word. The probability that but just God of War titles not on the west, is relatively small. In the event notifications for America and Europe, we will inform you.

God of War: Chains of Olympus, was released in 2008 and the Ghost of Sparta in 2010. Both titles were squeezing the PSP to the max and praise of critics and gamers alike are attracted mainly by visual representation.

Previous God of War collection, ie the first two parts of God of War HD remake, released in November 2009 and sold over two million copies have been very successful.


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