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Has the Xbox 360 proved that exclusives don’t matter?

So I’m looking at the year Xbox 360  had and just their overall journey from launch until now and I had to ask this question.

It seemed that PS3 had the edge as far as exclusives you look at games like Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, God of War Origins, Resistance 3, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Uncharted 3, and so on. One might say that’s a pretty impressive line up. But does it matter?  In comparison Xbox 360’s first major exclusive was Gears of War 3 and that was at the end of the year! (referenced by a previous article) But does it matter? The Xbox 360 is still keeping their relevance and they are still keeping their position in sales. Microsoft even just came off an impressive biggest week ever, selling close to 1 million consoles leading in to and through Black Friday.

The angle I looked at is this, you got — PS3 — all this content — and it doesn’t dominate like you think it would — you got —  Xbox 360 — not much content (exclusives) — still holds firmly in the market — you would think the opposite. Interesting, why is that? Do gamers believe the exclusives Sony released are not on par as it should? Is it Microsoft  just doing a better job promoting what they do have — and making it their own? Who knows? But what I find interesting is that — and here’s the kicker,  we went a whole year and Microsoft was virtually non-existent when it came to their own games, yet gamers seem to not care or even notice that this was the case, wow! Pretty powerful stuff! I mean your position of power has to be immaculate, firm, to another level even, if you can get gamers to enjoy themselves so much that they don’t care or notice what the other platforms doing, and even better, what your doing or shall I say not doing.

So at the end of the day “Has the  Xbox 360 proved that exclusives don’t matter?” You know there was a time it was understood that “Exclusives sells your platform” It’s what makes you stand out above the rest”. If Microsoft pulled or pulls this off this changes the game entirely. Who would of thought that you could basically go a whole generation having the same games that another platform has and still dominate! Even the exclusive blu ray option on the PS3 Microsoft has weathered, AMAZING!!! This may be the classic example of somebody finding a way to finally slay the giant and then everyone else not being so scared anymore.

Let me know what you think CCU wants to hear from you.


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  1. You are entirely incorrect, the scope of your assumption is based entirely within the last 18-24 months. I’m not going to lay it all out there because I am very busy, but take a look back at 2006-2009 and count all of the exclusives Microsoft had. They paid the developers of those exclusives a premium to only develop for the Xbox 360, common sense will tell you why they are no longer digging into their pockets for IP exclusivity. Consumers already purchased the Xbox 360 for said exclusive titles, it is already sitting in their living room. Regardless that games such as Mass Effect are no longer exclusive, Xbox owners already own the console and will continue to purchase subsequent franchise releases for the hardware they already own. So yes Exclusives are very important, however, they quickly become irrelevant

    • yeah i didnt really put my opinion into it, it was jus an observation — to implore the gaming community and yeah it is an observation ova da last 2years thinking that the ps3 brand should hav overtaken the xbox brand by now if u jus base it on exclusive output.

      • Yea I agree, seems its difficult for Sony considering how much market penetration Microsoft already has over them. Especially when most gamers are playing CoD on Xbox live, that is a huge hurdle to get over and one that will probably be present at the beginning of the next generation as well.

  2. Do you think Sony would have nearly closed the sales gap between the Xbox 360 and PS3 if Sony had only Multiplatform releases?

    I am sick of these aritcles written by fanboy asshats that do not pass the slightest bit of intellectual scrutiny.

    I get it, you Xbox guys love your Xbox’s. Good for you, but this constant barrage of PS3 vs Xbox 360 is just so 2007. We are well aware that Xbox Dashboard offers a good deal of community that is available with PS3, but not as closely knit. We all know that PS3’s Blu-Ray offers developers a larger platform in which to delve into their imaginations and create bigger more detailed worlds.

    The Xbox 360 proved coming first with shoddy hardware (that should have spent at least 6 more months in R&D) is more important to Microsoft than quality.

    • On contraire munfraire i dont even own an Xbox u call me a fanboy and i made an unbias observation abt a system dats actually besting my system of choice! oh thee irony!

    • Yeah, but the yellow light didn’t do SONY so well either. It’s just that 360 was more publicized about their problems. As a person who does repairs on systems I’ve seen just as many problems with the Phat model PS3. Even the Wii had a time where the lasers wouldn’t read newer games and had to be replaced.

    • Guess your the fanboy . what ” More Detailed Worlds” are you talking about ?? Resistance 3 ? killzone ? or even uncharted ? they are great in graphics but thats just it and as in almost 2012 , multiplatform games STILL look and perform better on 360 , atleast 75% of them .

  3. X-box only sells beacuse of Kinect, when parents want to buy a console for their little kids they will buy something that looks like it was made for kids (kineticmals for example) What happens after a few months? Kinect is collecting dust, just like the WII

  4. I wouldn’t say “they are still keeping their position in sales” because year on year worldwide sales of the PS3 have been beating those of the Xbox 360 despite being at a higher price throughout the majority of the time, so sony are definitely doing something right.
    And do exclusives still matter, I still think so they are what separates the consoles. Just look at the PS2, it had such a large library of games and I’m pretty sure it had more exclusives than it competitor(s).
    Anyway that’s just my thoughts

  5. Exclusives don’t matter just look at the sales of ps3 and 360, this was supposed to be the year of Ps3 with exclusives coming out every month and a price cut. Yet 360 is less than a million sales behind and by years end will probably pass PS3 all while being DEAD in Japan and selling at a average higher price.

  6. What matters is putting your console out a year ahead of the competition. Microsofts first real exclusive was gears of war 3? You clearly dont know anything about video games and should cease the spreading of your ignorance to the general population.

    MS is strong in North America, especially the US, most US people love there shooters and what better fps is there than halo? Buy an xbox for halo and you cant still play the next most popular shooter in CoD.

    MS does offer an unparalleled online service that is actually worth switching to, until sony learns about cross game chat and they develop a better interface for PSN, they will lose that part of the online war that is concerned with online gaming.

    Another point to consider is that Kinect is actually making the 360 a more casual friendly console, in essence stealing casual gamers from the wii (those who want better graphics).

    These are legit points to consider, dont just talk about the last 12months, you make yourself sound like an idiot. WHen the ps3 was released they had no games nor any exclusives the 360 release library was far greater and the console was far cheaper. This is why there are more 360’s now, the 3million console gap that does exist can be contributed to that extra year on the market. PS3 is still outselling the 360 for the year, keep that in mind.

    If you need tips on how to write a story that isnt complete garbage do not be afraid to ask my son.

    • lmbbooo ur a funny guy no pun intended why are u ranting and raving abt something that i had no opinion of, it again was JUST AN OBSERVATION!!! u insulting me like i disrespected the system u created lmbooo jeez! if xbox didnt prove exclusives matter say it didnt and keep it movin if it did then say that. This article is for you to comment on the observation duh! dats y its in a form of a question i didnt claim i had the answer, dats 4 da public to decide.

      now wit dat said u mite b rite that the online,the cheaper price,and the year headstart is the reason xbox is ahead still but ironically your proving the articles question to be a yes, a company putting out a console can say to themselves (as they may not hav otherwise) “hey i dont need exclusives to be dominate I jus need a year headstart, a lower price point, and a kick behind online to corner the market”.

      • Halo 1 and 2 were the exclusives from the original xbox that made people want to buy the 360 for the next iteration. Not to mention gears of war and mass effect and other rpgs and jrpgs that were exclusive to the 360 at the beginning of the generation.

        In reality the 360 had nothing but exclusives since when the ps3 first came out designers did not know how to program games with the cell, and most games were developed using the 360 and then ported to the ps3, and as such looked very crappy on the ps3.

        You are obviously a 5 year old and the face that you are allowed to write stories with your terrible grammar is the reason why the whole world has passed the US in terms of literacy.

        Thanks for proving my point son.

  7. That is partially true the xbox has done well to sustain itself without many exclusives in the last year or so however in he past microsoft have paid publishers to make games exclusively for the 360 which strongly contributed to its high rise in sales even if these games didn’t sell to well.

    another reason for the sales continuing for the 360 is kinect since microsoft have done a good job on that accessory it works as advertised.

    from my experience however the friends i know with a 360 bought it because they have friends with it and want to play as a group which is the same for my friends that only own a ps3 they got it because they have friends with it.

    now even though in europe anyway the xbox had a 2 year head start over the ps3 all sales figures show that the ps3 has become the dominant console in europe outselling the 360 pretty much everywhere except america where the 360 remains dominant.

    so the ps3 hasn’t done too bad however sony could add in a better marketing strategy and maybe revamp the xmb since this is the main complaint of most ps3 owners.

  8. Wow! I was missing out on all of this!! This is a great discussion. There needs to be some clarification on the number of exclusives released by Xbox this year. There has been other exclusives other than GoW. There are just exclusives that hard core gamers may not consider buying – Dance Central for example. This year may not be the fairest year to compare the two products, but this year proves that Sony needs to adjust. Sony had to deal with network outage and hacking. Xbox took advantage by giving away Xbox with the purchase of a pc — A move that killed two birds with one stone — keeping pc sales relevant during tablet surge, and exposing consumers to the kinect and xbox console. Sony has taken too long to drop their price on the ps3, and I’m sorry, but no one can’t tell me different that the MOVE is not a joke! The playing field is getting broader. Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo realize this. Mobility is a key factor to success now. People want to have their games wherever they go. Nintendo is trying the Wii-U. Microsoft is using the Windows Phone integration. Sony has the Vita and Xperia play. Let’s see the sales numbers in 2012. Hopefully there will be no distractions like hacking and network issues.

  9. When you have multiplatform games like MW3, Assassins Creed, and grand theft auto (to name just a few) which sell more games on the ps3 than most ps3 only exclusives the question has been answered. As an owner of an xbox 360 and ps3, I bought the 360 first primarily because I was stunned by the first gears of war and Mass Effect. Had to have those games. At that point, and for two years to follow, ps3 had nothing to play I felt I would be missing out on. When I picked up a ps3, I did so for games like God of War III, GT5, Uncharted 2, etc. They are good games no doubt. But Mass Effect series remains my favorite. I would have a hard time choosing between Gears and Uncharted. I used to love Call of Duty but have tired of it. Most of the games I am most looking forward to next year (ME3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Bioshock Infinite, etc.) are now all multiplatform. So while the ps3 has some terrific exclusives, most of my gaming purchases are still made for the 360 because the online is better, and the multiplatform games are better on the 360. How many times have you heard complaints from ps3 gamers about gimped titles for the ps3 while the 360 version plays much smoother, without all the graphical hiccups? Call of Duty, Skyrim, GTA, Bioshock, I could go on and on. Yet sony only gamers continue to throw down money for multiplatform games that consistently perform better on the 360. Glad I don’t have that problem.

  10. Microsofts philosophy “don’t sell someone something they want, make them want what they are selling.”
    It’s marketing at its best.
    Microsoft is not setting records, nor moving 360s.
    360 gold accounts have been at a snails pace for the last 3 years.
    Standing at 34 million.
    If you have bought a 360 in the first 3 years you have bought multiple 360s.
    1st model no hdmi and faulty
    2nd model faulty
    3rd model considered not faulty because it has an automatic shutoff if getting to hot.
    Yes, Microsoft has learned a valuable lesson here, build what the sheep want then manipulate it to look as if it’s in our favor. So sad.
    Microsoft should be investigated by B.B.B. for the crap they have pulled but nope, you Xbots bit.

  11. many people are buying Wii’s because of Mario and many people buy X360 because of GeoW and Halo…

  12. I think that when someone buys a console (and especially if they like to play online) they consider what their friends have and being that ms got the jump on the market they are now reaping the benefits…I wouldn’t say exclusives dont matter though…I do know alot of people that own xboxs and now also have ps3s for the exclusives

    side note: no need to insult this person, they never said either console sucks they just made an observation

  13. I should point out that I have both consoles, I just hate retards

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