Game Informer: “Features the biggest open world in the series’ history – GTA 5′s world is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined.”

  Now if this quote doesn’t raise an eyebrow even “The Rock” would be proud of I don’t know what to tell you. This is still coming to multiple platforms correct? C’mon you know you thought that too.

Sounds like Rockstar, based on the latest news that released a little while back is making their biggest open-world game to date and not only their biggest GTA game, but biggest ever. GTA V bigger than RDR, GTA III: San Andreas, and GTA IV combined?  How in the OPEN-WORLD (lmbo) is Rockstar going to pull this off? Let me bring it back a little to put things in perspective.

First, can Rockstar pull this off? Referring to the massive size that is suggested in the above quote, I actually want to say “absolutely, it’s Rockstar!” But there is skepticism because if they do they definitely can not use the same tactics they used to achieve any other  Rockstar led or Rockstar assisted titles  in years past. It is the same hardware, so did Rockstar learn a new technique?

Look, to give you a synopsis on why I feel the Xbox 360 version will have ten discs….and of course this is an exaggeration btw to highlight the point.  It’s my way of saying multiple discs but not just multiple discs a significant number of multiple discs; possibly the most we’ve ever seen released by a video game title thus far. Let’s take a glimpse at some previous titles (Xbox 360 released) that had multiple discs. Mass Effect 2 (2 discs), Final Fantasy 13 (3 discs) the Rockstar assisted and published LA Noire (3 discs!), even Rockstar’s own Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition had to use two discs, one for the original game and one for the two DLC’s,  in comparison the PS3 counterpart only requires one. So, if it’s safe to say GTA V will be bigger than GTA IV and the two DLC’s combined then we are already  looking at 2-3 discs minimum.

Lets’s go a little further shall we? There was a little rumor circulating during the production of GTA IV  that Rockstar went to Microsoft and threatened…ehm ehm,  I mean asked them to solve their space issues  (seemingly caused by Microsoft’s choice to go with the DVD 9 medium) so that their creativity wouldn’t be held back. And if  Microsoft didn’t get the issue solved they would go back to making GTA games exclusive to Sony’s platform going forward.

Also getting swirled around in that rumor whirlwind was that initially GTA IV was supposed to be bigger but had to be scaled back to suit the 360’s needs. Staten Island — missing from a fictional recreation of New York in  GTA IV was probably the biggest catalyst on why said rumors became such.

I believe Rockstar’s  explanation on why Staten Island was not included in the 5 boroughs was that their wouldn’t be much to do gameplay wise…hmmm a cover up for the 360’s limitations dealing with the aforementioned space issues or a true statement? You decide.  Amidst of other journalists ‘digging’ in the months after GTA V details were initially revealed; throw in the fact that Rockstar is not commenting on such things — and they were indeed requested to comment, also leaves room for speculation.

Don’t even let me get started on how GTA V will be bigger than San Andreas, Yeah the same San Andreas that is widely regarded as the series biggest; (in terms of scope and scale) and because it’s a PS2 title that makes it more  impressive to lay hold to that claim.

So question, how do you make graphics better, the world bigger — waaay bigger and juggle multiple characters but keep it one to two discs even 3? Just for the record GTA is not built to have multiple discs, sure you can get away with that on games that have linear levels and no backtracking but a game where you need to go from city to city and not only that it’s free roaming, IMO would be an absolute mess.

Rockstar’s job? To put out the best GTA ever and to keep those discs down to a minimum, I’m rooting for ya!

How many discs do you think the Xbox 360 version  will need for the upcoming  GTA V? CCU wants to hear from you.