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GTA V Online: A Shocking Thing Happens Trying To Engage The “Ruiner 2000” Aka KITT (Knight Rider Car)


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Rockstar Games just released for GTA online the Import/Export DLC update not to long ago; first thing on my agenda? Buy the “Ruiner 2000” aka KITT from the Knight Rider TV series!

So this undoubtedly is the most expensive car in the game, with a asking price of  5.7 million dollars! But I had to have it, I didn’t even want to wait for the discount that you get if you unlock —  and beat the mission associated with the car via the CEO missions, which would’ve effectively saved me around 1.4 million. Couldn’t wait though had to have it now!

With all the cool features that the car already advertised with, such as eight ready-to-fire missiles (homing and non-homing variety), twin guns, jumping ability, and parachute to boot —  justifying the hefty price tag, there is one more cool feature I don’t know if those of us who are already fortunate to own this classic knows about.

So this unexpected feature occurred when I set the Ruiner 2000 to allow no one to have access to the car.  You know, to kind of simulate what the real KITT. would do, allowing no one access but the owner.  If you are not familiar with the term the way it works is within the menus you can set your personal car with the following options: allow everyone, passengers, friends, crew, crew + friends, or no one. I left my car outside my in-game office and one of my friends attempted to get in the car for a joy ride instead he got the shock of his life — literally!

He touched the car and a pulsating shock surged through his body sending him convulsing to the floor! Funniest thing ever.

So now knowing this new cool information  y’all know what I had to do right? Troll time! My other friend, who was overwhelmed with joy and excitement to drive this beast when he found out I got it, I decided to  set him up.  Phase 1: First I kept telling him no, thus pushing his excitement to the brink where he couldn’t take it anymore.  Phase 2:  Finally say Yes but have the car set to ‘no one’ He goes to open the car door and bam! On the floor shaking uncontrollably. Troll complete. Funniest thing ever.

And apparently — according to my friend, it’s not just a “look” you actually lose health.

Out of curiosity I wanted to see if  the electric pulse feature was actually part of KITT’s repertoire used in the TV show. A quick research via Wiki says this:

“Induction coil KITT has an induction coil he can produce from under his front bumper and that, being placed on a metal object, KITT can remotely induce electrical voltage or current in that object. This was used by Michael in “Knight of the Drones (Part I)” to electrify a fence in order to incapacitate and interrogate two thugs without seriously harming them.

So although it only mentions an electric pulse being funneled through a metal object and not a human you can see that it was still part of the cars’ make up, cool!

Here’s a video example of the Ruiner 2000’s electrocution ability as my friend attempts to access the car. Enjoy!


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