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GTA V/GTA Online: Update 1.06/1.20 Is Live




Upon Playing GTA online surprisingly and unexpectedly an update file came through the pipeline.

Yes, update 1.06 to be exact, surprising and unexpected because Rockstar just recently released an update, an yet another update pops up seemingly out of nowhere.

No word from Rockstar Games what this update does; if it’s a patch or content filled but with the unpredictable online stability, hopefully this update somehow addresses it.

Also I play on the PS4, the Xbox One version should have came through as well; but can not confirm at this time. Also it’s possible the PS3/Xbox 360 got an update but the update number might be different since it’s on last gen consoles.

Stay tuned to CCU for more details as they develop.

Update 1: I can confirm that the PS3 did get an update as well in the form of “1.20” most likely the same for the Xbox 360

Update 2: After doing some digging,  I checked the the games update history  and the explanation is generic, “Version 1.06 Additional fixes for GTA Online to improve stability”

Here’s the screenshot taken directly from my PS4:

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