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Grand Theft Auto V Online: What Happens When You Have $0

Grand Theft Auto Online, for gamers, like in real life yields aspirations of what they would do with the money once becoming a millionaire/billionaire, like buying property or cars. But ever wonder what happens when those things materialize and then you go broke?

I just recently played with someone on my friends list who actually went from billions of dollars to dead broke. And when I say dead broke I don’t mean he had little money, 10 thousand or  even a thousand  to play with, nope! He had zip, zero, zilch! That’s the first time I ever ran into someone playing  GTA online (and I play a lot)  with such a dilemma.

In any case he precedes to tell me what he couldn’t do because he had no money. Some were obvious like not being able to buy ammo, not being able to  put a bounty on someone, pay for a car he destroyed, or even calling a mechanic to get his own car but then there were two things he said he couldn’t do that were not so obvious.

He did mention outside of the two that I will share in a moment, that he couldn’t get into his condo — now we’re both assuming it was  some freakish glitch that caused him non entry, but what if it was built into the game  you couldn’t get in because you didn’t or in this case couldn’t pay rent, that would be epic.

So about the two things he tells me, while in the house, if you have no money you can’t take a shower or watch TV which was amazingly hilarious and all so interesting, that being broke in GTA V translates to that level in that world.

Hopefully the rest of Us have or will not experience such a tragic becoming lmboooo.

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Update* I did some digging to confirm  the story and I indeed found multiple links backing the claim, I’ll include them here:

Update 2* Apparently you can’t use the radio either

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