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Gran Turismo 5 Sells 7.3 Million Copies — Wow!

Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo franchise has updated the amount of sold copies for Gran Turismo 5. In September 2011 Gran turismo 5 has sold another million copies bringing this amazing PS3 exclusive from 6.3 million sold to 7.3 million copies.
This an impressive number for a racing game that has been out for only a year. From my prior knowledge racing games usually don’t sell as well as shooters and other genres. Gran Turismo 5 has sold most of it’s copies in Europe, with over 4.5m, with North America at 1.8, and Japan at 630k copies sold. As you can see this racer is very popular in Europe, but being that some of the best cars in the world are made there it comes at no surprise.

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