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God of War: Ascension – Why I’m a little worried

Welp…I’m about to open up this package of goodness and I have no worries I’m about to have a great time, what I do worry is how I will have a great time.

When God of War: Ascension was first made known it was a prequel I was all ears, the idea that we could see a different side of Kratos, as well as bringing the story back to where it all started intrigued me. I would have these talks with other gamers about how Kratos was one dimensional — which I argue ’til this day, but being able to play what we’ve only seen previously in flashback cut scenes, which provided more depth to Kratos I couldn’t argue would make for a good product.

But playing GOW: Ascension demo almost guarantees this game won’t be exploring those elements. It looks as if the game picks up right at the point when he broke the oath to Ares and was imprisoned for such insubordination. I was so looking forward to the cut scenes shown throughout the original GOW and GOW2 when he was just a Spartan Warrior; playing the events that led up to him breaking the oath, not the events after he broke the oath. I wanted to play the events that led up to him killing his family not the events after. Shoooo, I want to play as Kratos prior to him becoming the ‘Ghost of Sparta’  period, with the game showing off what kind of  family man he was;  the kind of husband and father he was. I also really was looking forward to being able not only (for a good chunk of this game) to see, but play as Kratos with his normal skin.

Now Sony Santa Monica could still do it and have the gameplay I was expecting, being done via a series of flashbacks or one long flashback (gameplay not cut scene) but everything I’ve seen thus far points to me playing only as the “ashy” version of Kratos throughout this campaign.

Don’t get me wrong as I alluded to before, this game should be epic regardless, I’m just a little worried that the game I imagined in my head is not the game that I’ll be playing.

On the other hand I guess they could address that in a pre-prequel (lmbo) as so eloquently stated by doctorstrange – N4g user.

Alright time to open this package and see if my worries are warranted. Did you expect a similar story out of God of War: Ascension? CCwants to hear from you.

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