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God of War Ascension: Story Details, Multiplayer, Livestream interview it’s all here

So I guess now we know what they meant by the “most ambitious” God of War quote (Multiplayer).

Sony’s Social Media Manager, Jeff Rubenstein interviews New GOW: Ascension Game Director, Todd Papy (via livestream) on what we can expect from the  upcoming title.

What we know:

  • Goals – Lofty goals to make Ascension better than previous god of wars, Their quote: “Better than 3”, “Better than 2”, “Better than 1” My Quote: good luck!
  • New Direction – New Game Director, Todd Papy (On God of War team since 2003)
  • Engine – Using Titan Tech, the power behind GOW3 (improved version)
  • Gameplay – Team  said it felt old wanted to go “Modern”- no more struggling to open treasure chests
  • The Score – New Composer, Tyler Bates (300, Conan the Barbarian – 2011,Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead) for a fresh new sound to the series
  • Kratos – A younger, less “buff” Kratos will be evident as well as receiving a complete rebuilt outfit made to be worn down over time
  • Single player – Story plot

– Confirmed Prequel

-Filled with a story of Freedom, redemption and avenge

-Featuring Kratos trying to break the “blood oath” he made to Ares

– takes place 6 months after he was tricked into slaying his family, Kratos already has pledged his allegiance to Ares, “Blades of Chaos” check!


  • Multiplayer – Why multiplayer? The team wanted to try something new

– Multiplayer will feature a  sort of a classes system, pledge your allegiance to 1 of 4 gods — Zeus, Ares, Hades, Poseidon

– Teams (red and blue) will battle out for the right to kill a gigantic cyclops

-2 minimum players,  max of 8  The team looking into how to incorporate deathmatch and capture the flag modes

– ability to customize your avatar including helmet, chest, skirt, sword and boots

Here’s the live stream if you missed it:

Live video for mobile from Ustream

Live Video streaming by Ustream

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