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Gears of War 3 Review


Over the years of Playing Gears of War one and two I have come to the conclusion that this franchise is one of the most bloodiest action packed games that I’ve ever played before. With the release of Gears of war 3 the core game is still there untouched. But with each release I feel like layers upon layers of enhancements has been added on top of an already great franchise. Gears of War 3 brought back my desire to dive back into the franchise having not played Gears of War in months. But will this game leave me in disgust or will it be another solid addition to the franchise?


For me Gears of War 3’s Graphics is a big step forward in terms of an overall polish. When I first layed my eyes on this game I quickly noticed the improvements on everything from environments, to character models, to shadows. Everything in the game has about an equal level of quality. I’m not a fan of really good character models in a game but the background looks like crap. Gears of War 3 does not have this problem, in fact I actually thought that this games graphics were on par with Uncharted 2. But not everything is perfect in the graphics department. You will see occasional texture pop in and slow downs, but considering the tech that this game is running on I think these types of issues are to be expected.


The story in this game literally picks up from where Gears of War 2 left off. A new breed of creatures called the Lambent is spreading all over the world and humanity is on it’s last leg and with the locust queen and her race still around, it is going to make things a lot tougher for humans to survive. The Cog team is back stronger than ever though with the same main cast as the previous games and a few new additions. Gears of War way of storytelling is pretty much hands on, meaning the story is mostly what’s happening as you progress through the game. There is little backstory in this game and quite frankly it doesn’t need it. Overall if I’m looking at the game from a “story as you go” perspective I think the story is just great for what it is.


Gears of War has some of the most satisfying gameplay that I have everĀ  played in any game. A bold statement yes, but let me do some explaining. For one, we already know that the Gears of War franchise is one of the pioneers for a concrete cover sytem, health system, and executions! Gears of War 3 feels like it improves on all of those fronts. The cover system feels smoother than ever and less sticky, I can’t count how many times I got frustrated by getting stuck on the wall in past Gears of War games but this one seems to fix this issue for the most part. The health system has been improved in singleplayer because if you get downed, as long as your teammates are in reach they can revive you. Depending on the player, those AI revivals can be a good thing or a bad thing, but for me I love it because it keeps the pacing right. Executions are back in a great way! The traditional curb stomps are back but there are a lot more executions. Each weapon in the game has its own execution, one of my favorite is sticking the lancer into a foe and crank the chainsaw for a bloody execution. Additionally the Cogs and Locust have their own satisfying executions. The game also introduces Mechs. One Mech is a basic mech that can pick up heavy objects and move it to a different location. The other Mech is called the Silverback for a reason, the mech comes with heavy duty armor, a machine gun, and missiles. Throughout the game you will encounter different boss enemies who are difficult but entertaining to defeat, one boss is literally a Kraken and I could of swore I heard someone say “Release the Kraken” while I was playing. Gears of War 3 in total has very enjoyable gameplay that will keep you entertained everytime you pick up the controller.

The Sound Effects in Gears of War 3 are very well done in terms of the overall experience. The Voice Acting is so well matched with their in game characters that the line in between video game and real life gets blurred even more. The sound effects do a great job of conveying a real world war while still keeping that authentic “Gears of War” Sound. The Soundtrack in this game is almost non-existent because with all of the other things happening, it’s hard to take in and appreciate the music. I will say that the battle music sets the mood very well though. Overall the complete package of sound in this game is very solid.

Gears of War 3 “controls me” because I can’t get enough of (and I know it sounds wrong don’t judge me) blowing Locust bodies away with shotguns. I find it hard to understand how is it possible to see and do the same thing over and over again and not only not get bored but crave for more. The only good answer I can come up with is that the scenarios are different. Now that I got that out the way I can tell you why Gears of War 3 will keep you coming back. Well for one the singleplayer is longer then any other Gears of War and features a 4 player online co op mode. That means you can experience the entire campaign for the game with 3 of your friends. Also this game introduces Horde Mode 2.0, which is a improved version of the horde mode from Gears of War 2. In this horde mode you collect money as you kill locust and use that money to build strongholds, buy weapons, or even buy a silverback. In addition every so often you will fight a boss which can be very exciting. If thats not enough for you and you want to switch sides you can join an online beast mode match. In beast mode you play as different locust and your goal is simple, kill all cog! You can be something as small as a ticker or as big as a berserker. Finally gears has an online matchmaking sytem for various modes like warzone, execution, and guardian to say the least. So yes Gears of War 3 has the potential to keep you coming back for a long time.

In closing Gears of War 3 is in my honest opinion the best game in the franchise. It’s funny how I’ve seen the franchise mature and grow over the years but I’ve enjoyed every second of it. If you are a veteran of the franchise then you will feel more then at home. If you are a newcomer then this game will suck you into the franchise not just this game. In the end Gears of War 3 stood its ground while competing against some of the best games that the video game industry has ever seen. So do yourself a favor and at least experience this game!


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  1. I have read this review and while I can agree with most things in it there are somethings I cant agree with. I have all three Gears and My favorite remains the first. There was no doubt it made a HUGE impact on gaming when it hit the scene, but I think part 3 didnt get everything right and pulled some things out that I like….one example is the character models. They appear less hulk like and more feeble. I loved the fact that these guys were larger than life looking. The story has always been weak in Gears. To me its always been about action and I dont think Epic tried to fool anybody in this area. Overall good review though ACE.

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