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GDC 2011: Mortal Kombat Gameplay Demo with Ed Boon (PS3, Xbox 360)

From Gamespot:

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  1. i’m a HUGE street fighter fan but this games looks SICK!! I’m definitely getting this game…watch out Ace. lol

    • Lol Ok I will but don’t scream for ryu to help you lol. And the kratos part sounds good, I wonder if scholla wanted this game before or after kratos was announced lmbo!

  2. I remember all the fuss Mortal Combat created when it first came out in the arcades. There was always a HUGE line of people waiting to play it. Who remembers the old times square arcade. Times Square before it was cleaned up. I cant wait until this game comes out. I know what i am using a gift card i got for Christmas on. lol

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